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Last time I published the OTN “Java Top 10″ there was a lot of interest – so here is the current ranking for the last 12 months (most popular at the top).

Top 10 Java Articles on OTN:

1. Getting Started with Java® SE Embedded on the Raspberry Pi by Bill Courington and Gary Collins

2. How to Get Started (FAST!) with JavaFX 2 and Scene Builder by Mark Heckler

3. Higher Productivity from Embracing HTML5 with Java EE 7 by Janice J. Heiss

4. Java Experts on the State of Java by Janice J. Heiss

5. Java EE 7 and JAX-RS 2.0 by Adam Bien

6. Coding on Crete: An Interview with Java Specialist Heinz Kabutz by Janice J. Heiss

7.  Why, Where, and How JavaFX Makes Sense by Björn Müller

8. The Advent of Kotlin: A Conversation with JetBrains’ Andrey Breslav by Janice J. Heiss

9. The Enterprise Side of JavaFX by Adam Bien

10. JSR 356, Java API for WebSocket by Johan Vos


11. Introducing Groovy by Jim Driscoll

12. The Enterprise Side of JavaFX: Part Two by Adam Bien

13. Expressing the UI for Enterprise Applications with JavaFX 2.0 FXML by James L. Weaver

14. JavaOne 2012 Review: Make the Future Java by Steve Meloan

15. Expressing the UI for Enterprise Applications with JavaFX 2.0 FXML – Part Two by James L. Weaver


– Terrence

OTN Java



The Top 10 OTN Java Articles are always a popular topic. We just compiled the information for 2012 – Embedded Java and Raspberry Pi was hot, with article #1 garnering 56,000 page views!

Here is the list.


– Terrence

2012 Top 10 OTN/Java Technology Articles

1. Getting Started with Java SE Embedded on the Raspberry Pi 
August 2012
Bill Courington and Gary Collins

2. How to Get Started (FAST!) with JavaFX 2 and Scene Builder  
November 2012
Mark Heckler

3. Laying Out a User Interface with JavaFX 2.0 
March 2012
James L. Weaver

4. Building Applications in JavaFX 2.0 
February 2012
Daniel Zwolenski

5. Interfaces on Demand with CDI and EJB 3.1 
January 2012
Adam Bien

6. Key to the Java EE 6 Platform: NetBeans IDE 7.1 
March 2012
Geertjan Wielenga

7. Best Practices for JavaFX 2.0 Enterprise Applications (Part One) 
April 2012
James L. Weaver

8. Challenging the Diabolical Developer: A Conversation with JavaOne 
Rock Star Martijn Verburg 
October 2012
Janice J. Heiss

9. Best Practices for JavaFX 2.0 Enterprise Applications (Part Two) 
May 2012
James L. Weaver

10. The Enterprise Side of JavaFX: Part Two 
June 2012
Adam Bien

OTN Java



I just got hold of the list of the OTN “Top 10″ articles on Java over the last four months … I though I’d pass it on.

BTW: More reading (most popular articles for 2011) can be found here.


– Terrence


1. “Interfaces on Demand with CDI and EJB 3.1”, by Adam Bien

2. “Laying Out a User Interface with JavaFX 2.0”, by James L. Weaver

3. “Building Applications in JavaFX 2.0”, by Daniel Zwolenski

4. “Key to the Java EE 6 Platform: NetBeans IDE 7.1”, by Geertjan Wielenga

5. “Adding Some Agility to Java EE Application Deployment with GlassFish”, by Julien Ponge

6. “Spring to Java EE Migration, Part 3”, by David Heffelfinger

7. “Spring to Java EE Migration, Part 2”, by David Heffelfinger

8. “Java Champion Jonas Bonér Explains the Akka Platform”, by Janice J. Heiss

9. “An Interview with Java Champion Jorge Vargas”, by Janice J. Heiss

10. “Java Champion Dick Wall on Genetics, the Java Posse, and Alternative Languages (Part One)”, by Janice J. Heiss


Just back from Brazil and no time to catch my breath … so much happening:

  • JavaOne Latin America was a blast – so much enthusiasm in the developer community! Check out some of the videos and podcasts, including the JavaOne Community Keynote, OTN interviews with a variety of Java luminaries, as well as the Java Spotlight Podcast #60: JavaOne Latin America: Videos and Podcasts
  • Java 7u2 has been released, featuring an updated VM, support for Oracle Solaris 11, support for Firefox 5 and later, and security fixes. Also, JavaFX 2.0.2 is now included with Java SE to make developing and running JavaFX applications even easier: Java SE 7u2 Release Notes, JavaFX 2.0.2 Release Notes
  • Aligning with mainline JDK development, Java SE Embedded 7u2 has been released as well. This release includes new ports to Linux on PPC and performance improvements on ARM systems by 20-40%. Also, Oracle intends to port JavaFX to Linux on ARM in order to support a broad range of platforms from mid-range embedded all the way to desktops: Henrik’s blog on the Java SE Embedded 7u2 release.
  • Lots of activity around JavaFX as well – interest is really taking off. Point in case: A new project, eFX, has been started on aiming to create a generic application framework for JavaFX 2.0 based on the NetBeans platform: Geertjan’s blog on eFX
  • Finally, OTN put together a list of their “Most Popular Tech Articles of 2011″. Java topics, from Java SE 7 and 8 features, Java EE 6, JSF, and JavaFX dominate the list. Have a look: Our Most Popular Tech Articles of 2011


– Terrence


Some quick updates and links that have accumulated over the past days:


– Terrence

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