After nearly three years with the blogging system I am moving my blog to here on WordPress, starting today.

Along the way I am renaming it to “Across the Universe”: A wide-angle view of the IT industry, mobility and wireless, open source and open access, the business of technology evolution, and other related topics. I hope you continue to find it worthwhile as many of you have over the past years.

I won’t be moving the previous blog entries and comments. Please see my old blog (also linked in the blogroll on the left). However, during the transition I will be double-posting entries for a while to make sure nothing gets lost.

So, be sure to bookmark this page here and update your blog reader with the new RSS feed. New content will be coming rapidly.


— Terrence

PS: After I announced the move some people asked me if it meant I was moving away from, the Mobile & Embedded Community, or something like that. Definitely NO. I just moved my blog – I found I liked the features and functionality of WordPress better. The Mobile & Embedded Community is still where it’s at – see you there!