• 11/17/09: The Java Warehouse is now open to developers in 7 additional countries: UK, Australia, India, China (PRC), Sweden, Brazil, and Russia. See this update on
  • See also James Gosling’s blog

Java Store: Now serving payments

Last week, PayPal announced their PayPal X Adaptive Payment API. Coinciding with that announcement Sun enabled the Java Store to take advantage of these new payment services.

Starting immediately with the U.S., content developers can price their applications in the Java Store and leverage payment processing by PayPal, resulting in a convenient in-store billing mechanism for customers and developers. Developers receive 70 percent of the purchase price and funds are instantly routed to the developer upon completion of a transaction, thus providing fast monetization and real-time feedback on purchases.

Along with the new billing mechanism, the Java Store Beta desktop client (created in JavaFX) has been updated for an improved look and feel, and simplified navigation. Combined with the already existing “Preview” (tryout) and “Drag-to-Install” functionality the Java Store client now offers a unique and streamlined user experience which makes discovering, trying, and purchasing content very easy.

As a content developer, why chose the Java Store for your desktop application?

  • It’s simple and low-cost: Registering for the Java Store Beta program is straightforward, with a low $50 yearly subscription fee
  • It’s convenient: The Java Warehouse acts as an aggregation point and single repository for your Java content. Submitting your application to the Java Warehouse will handle most of the deployment and distribution details for you
  • It has unparalleled reach: The Java Store will allow more than 800 million Java-powered desktops around the world to connect, offering large-scale discovery and distribution of your applications

Important Note: Currently, the Java Store Beta program and Java Warehouse are limited to U.S. residents. We are working with high priority on enabling access and payment processing outside the U.S. – please be patient while finalize paperwork for different countries around the world. More to come soon.

What about mobile and TV platforms?

A key feature of the Java Store will be the support across multiple platforms, including the desktop, mobile, and TV. With a single entry point (the Java Warehouse) developers will be able to target their content across a wide range of platforms and deployment models – a very compelling option. Stay tuned for forthcoming information.

What next?

Read the announcement details here. Or view the SDN “Deep Dive” video. And try out the Java Store Beta program and the Java Warehouse today (U.S. residents only).


— Terrence