Things are moving quickly with the Java Store and Java Warehouse. A couple of weeks ago payments were enabled and a number of countries added for the warehouse. Yesterday, another set of enhancements was made live:

  • Users can now create accounts within the Java Store client
  • The Java Store client has been improved with numerous small features, bug fixes, and performance enhancements
  • Developers outside the U.S. can now use the store view feature to preview their apps
  • And the Java Warehouse has been enabled for six new countries: Israel, Belgium, Germany, Poland, Taiwan, and South Korea. The Warehouse is now open in 14 countries.

Developers are really starting to discover the Java Store now – check out some of the new applications available.

music-explorer-fx.png My personal favorite right now is Music Explorer FX – a slick and interactive way to check out your favorite artists, discover new music, and listen to it on-the-fly.
c64-emu.png Or how about some geeky nostalgia? Check out the Commodore C64 emulator JSwing C64 in the Java Store – complete with original font & screen (blue on blue!), BASIC interpreter, and emulated joystick and floppy. Yeah, baby!
javastore-video.png Want to know more? Check out the new, 5 minute introductory video on the Java Warehouse and Java Store.

The Java Store Beta Program has reopened for U.S. residents – try it out if you haven’t done so yet. Or sign up for the Java Warehouse, now open in 14 countries.


— Terrence