netbeans6.8.png Seems like NetBeans 6.7 was just released. And now, here comes 6.8 – new and polished:

  • Java EE 6 Support – NetBeans is the first IDE to provide complete support for Java EE 6
  • Glassfish v3 Support – including the new lightweight GlassFish v3 Web Profile
  • PHP Support – expanded support for PHP 5.3 and the Symfony framework
  • Tigher integration with Project Kenai – Kenai is the up-and-coming collaborative environment for hosting open source projects and NetBeans now has built-in support for JIRA and improved instant messaging and issue tracker integration
  • C/C++ Profiling – monitor and tune your native C/C++ apps
  • NetBeans Platform – several bug fixes and performance improvements throughout the IDE
  • And last but not least: JavaFX Support – finally, working code completion, hints, and navigation support in the NetBeans editor! (yeah, long time coming …)

And more to come soon:

On December 15 the JavaFX Composer plugin for NetBeans will be released. JavaFX Composer is a drag-and-drop UI builder for JavaFX, similar to the Matisse UI builder for Swing that NetBeans has had for years. Here are some screen shots. Building widget-based UIs with JavaFX will become a breeze.


— Terrence