I’m sure you’ll find lots of post-mortem/debriefing analysis on last week’s Mobile World Congress so I won’t go into details. Just some high-level observations:

MWC is too large and crowded for its own good – in more ways than one

First, the Fira Conference Center infrastructure is overloaded – long lines everywhere, lousy, overpriced food, overflowing coat checks, awful toilets, hot and stuffy halls, blaring music and high noise levels, etc – you name it. Not a nice experience.

Second, and more importantly, MWC is an indication of how crowded the mobile space has become. There must be a dozen mobile marketing and advertising companies, a dozen mapping/navigation companies, a dozen social networking companies, a dozen location-aware social-something companies, and a dozen of pretty much everything else. Whatever idea you think you might have as a developer, chances are there are already a dozen companies starving for attention already. The shakeout over the next year or two is going to be ugly.

But, surprisingly (or, maybe not), good content is still rare

As everybody is jumping on the mobile bandwagon to cash in on the rage, a lot of crappy apps get thrown into the market. But, despite all the hype and noise, there is still a lot of good and interesting content coming to the Java ME platform (sometimes exclusively) – for example, Tracker Software. This is one of the most interesting location/mapping services I’ve seen in a long time, and very well executed. I will talk about it more in an upcoming blog.

That’s it for today. Cheers,

— Terrence