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JavaFX-new.png A few days ago JavaFX 1.3 as well as NetBeans 6.9 Beta were released, featuring a host of significant improvements in many areas. I won’t be covering all the the changes but will highlight the most important ones and provide pointers to more information.

So, let’s dive in:

JavaFX 1.3 improvements:

  • New and enhanced support for UI controls, CSS, and programmatic layout
  • A native JavaFX font family called “Amble”
  • Support for the development of TV applications, including a new TV emulator
  • Enhancements for mobile applications, with the availability of the mobile emulator on the Mac platform
  • Support and improved editing features in NetBeans IDE 6.9 Beta
  • New features and enhanced performance in JavaFX Production Suite
  • Bind performance: 2-3x faster
  • Applet start-up time: 20% faster (with Java SE 6u18+)
  • Text Animation: 5-10x faster (frames per second)
  • Highly complex animations: up to 10x faster (frames per second)
  • Memory usage: 20-33% reduction (real-world apps, with Java SE 6u18+)
  • UI Controls: 50% faster, 33%-50% less memory (typical)

For a complete discussion of what’s new in 1.3 see this article on

More information on this release is available:

  • Steven Chin has Wayne and Garth present the “JavaFX 1.3 Top 10 Features” on his blog.
  • The JavaFX Blog has more details on the release, in particular around performance.
  • Check out the the JavaFX 1.3 SDK Release Notes for details on the software development toolchain
  • JavaFX 1.2 application will continue to run on the JavaFX 1.3 SDK but if you want to take advantage of the new improvements you should read the JavaFX 1.3 migration guide
  • Also, be sure to head over to Jim Weaver’s blog for an impressive demo of a JavaFX-enabled 3D version of Google calendar
  • Finally, I wanted to point you to fxexperience, a site by some of the UI designers behind JavaFX – it’s constantly updated with articles, news, and interesting links around JavaFX

NetBeans 6.9 Beta improvements:

  • JavaFX Composer to simplify and visualize FX development is now integrated
  • JavaFX SDK 1.3
  • Support for Equinox and Felix OSGi frameworks in NetBeans Platform
  • Spring Framework 3.0 library support
  • Rails 3.0 support
  • PHP Zend Framework support
  • Support for JSR-299, Contexts and Dependency Injection (CDI)
  • Additional Enhancements are listed on the NetBeans IDE 6.9 New and Noteworthy page

So, jump over to and and check out what’s new!


— Terrence

Bay-Area-JUG.jpg Just a quick event announcement:

The Bay Area JUGs will be meeting May 12, 2010 for an evening of information, networking (+ food & beer), and giveaways (good stuff, check it out!), hosted by the Oracle JUG Program and the Oracle Technology Network.

Registration is free for JUG members. For those who can’t attend in person the event will be streamed live that evening.


— Terrence

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