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I blogged about the high-level agenda items a couple of days ago as well as my own sessions.

But there are lots of interesting sessions and labs that might be easily overlooked so today I’d like to share my recommended list – basically, things that interest me from a core platform/language/mobile/embedded perspective. Guaranteed to be totally subjective ;-). So, here we go:

Sunday: (full schedule listing)

  • 12:30PM -01:30PM: Java User Group Community: Opening Session
  • 02:30PM -04:30PM: GlassFish Community Event

Monday: (full schedule listing)

  • 10:00AM -11:00AM: Groovy and Concurrency
  • 10:00AM -11:00AM: JDK 7 and Java SE 7
  • 10:00AM -11:00AM: Script Bowl 2010: A Scripting Languages Shoot-out
  • 10:00AM -11:00AM: Writing Stunning Cross-Platform Applications Using LWUIT
  • 10:00AM -11:00AM: Crossing the Java Frontier: How to Interact with Physical Worlds, Using Arduino
  • 11:30AM -12:30PM: Developing Applications with Oracle Berkeley DB for Java and Java ME Smartphones
  • 11:30AM -12:30PM: Groovy: To Infinity and Beyond
  • 11:30AM -12:30PM: Multiple Languages, One Virtual Machine
  • 01:00PM -02:00PM: Examining FOSS Java Implementations for ARM Systems
  • 01:00PM -02:00PM: Attractive and Portable Mac OS X Swing Clients for Java
  • 01:00PM -02:00PM: HTML5 and Java: Opening the Door to New Possibilities
  • 02:30PM -03:30PM: The Next Big Java Virtual Machine Language
  • 02:30PM -03:30PM: Funky Java, Objective Scala
  • 04:00PM -05:00PM: Developing Java TV Applications with LWUIT for DTVi-J
  • 07:30PM -08:15PM: Java SE Platform Q&A BOF

Tuesday: (full schedule listing)

  • 08:00AM -09:00AM: Systems Architecture Is Not Network Topology: Connecting the Consumer Device
  • 08:00AM -09:00AM: Augmented Reality on Mobile Phones with Java ME
  • 09:30AM -10:30AM: Bringing Web Widgets to MSA-Empowered Phones
  • 01:00PM -02:00PM: BD-J: Behind the Scenes with Blu-ray
  • 01:00PM -02:00PM: Java SE for Embedded Meets Oracle Berkeley DB at the Edge
  • 06:00PM -06:45PM: Blu-ray APIs for Stereoscopic 3D
  • 06:00PM -06:45PM: Meet the Java Posse
  • 07:00PM -07:45PM: OpenJDK BOF
  • 07:00PM -07:45PM: Java Community Process: What You Like and What You Don’t Like
  • 07:00PM -07:45PM: Java ME Checkpoint: Current Status and Future
  • 08:00PM -08:45PM: LWUIT Cheat Sheet: How to Optimize Your LWUIT-Based Java ME Applications
  • 09:00PM -09:45PM: Java ME for Emerging Markets and the Developing World

Wednesday: (full schedule listing)

  • 11:30AM -12:30PM: Mobile Apps: Where Do We Go from Here?
  • 11:30AM -12:30PM: Developing for Mobile Devices: Oracle Application Development Framework and Java
  • 01:00PM -02:00PM: Polyglot Programming in the Java Virtual Machine (JVM)
  • 01:00PM -02:00PM: Using Capabilities of the Java ME Platform from Web Applications
  • 01:00PM -02:00PM: Techniques, Benefits, and Best Practices for Using Java in Embedded Devices
  • 02:15PM -03:00PM: Apache Harmony: An Open Innovation

Thursday: (full schedule listing)

  • 12:30PM -01:30PM: Spice Up Your Blu-ray Home Video with Java

Hands-on Labs: (search Schedule Builder with session type ‘Hands-on Lab’ for full listing)

  • Wednesday, 10:00AM:  Sun SPOT Sensor Network Application Architecture Lab
  • Thursday, 12:30PM:  Spice Up Your Blu-ray Home Video with Java
  • Thursday, 03:30PM: Where My Friends Are: Java ME Location API in Practice

And if you’re into Rich Internet Applications, check out Stephen Chin’s JavaOne Expert RIA Track.


— Terrence

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