A quick summary of yesterday’s General Technical Keynote, with Mark Reinhold (Chief Architect, Java Platform Group), Roberto Chinnici (Architect, Java EE), Greg Bollela (Chief Architect, Embedded Java):

Mark expanded on the Java platform evolution announced by Thomas Kurian on Monday. The audience clearly liked what they heard – there was spontaneous applause several times during Mark’s talk.

Next, Roberto spoke on Java EE, Glassfish, and the features and evolution of the platform, accompanied by demos. No big surprises here … Java EE is progressing well and is clearly aligned with Oracle’s mainstay business.

Finally, Greg discussed the announcements and future of Java ME, focusing on mobile as well as the embedded space, including project Verrazano. An interesting factoid: The number of (non-mobile phone) embedded devices outnumbers mobile devices by a factor of 1000! A huge opportunity for embedded Java.

Overall, the keynote was well received and confirmed in greater detail the previous announcements. Unfortunately, at this point it appears that the videos of the keynotes are not yet available in the OTN archives – so you’ll have to wait to watch them in full length.

For completeness, here are links to the official Oracle press releases:


— Terrence