DukeRockStar02.png After a bit of a hiatus from the 92 episodes of the Java Mobility Podcast, Roger Brinkley and I are back at it again! And as part of the broader Java Evangelism team at Oracle we’re upleveling the scope of the podcast to encompass the whole breath of Java, including Java EE, SE, ME, JavaFX, and more.

We’re keeping the popular format of the show – news, a feature segment or interview, and “What’s Cool” but we’re increasing the depth of the news section by adding a revolving cast of Java All-Stars – folks from the evangelist team and others at Oracle who specialize on specific technology areas and can add their unique knowledge and insight.

The first 2 episodes are already live:

Episode 1

An Interview with Mark Reinhold, Chief Java Architect, Java Platform Group on the future of Java SE.

Episode 2

An Interview with Steve Harris, Senior VP of Application Server Development on the Java Enterprise Edition, Glassfish, and integrating Sun into Oracle.

Joining us every week is a changing panel of Java All Stars such as Dalibor Topic (Java free and open source software ambassador), Alexis Moussine-Pouchkine (Java EE Evangelist), and others.

I hope you like the new show. And we have a great line-up of topics and interviews in the pipeline for the next couple of shows already … So, stay tuned!

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— Terrence