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Java SE for embedded devices is now available in an updated release. This release delivers a host of improvements, among them:

  • The Java Runtime Environments (JRE) for Linux on ARM, PowerPC, and x86 are now aligned with the latest Java SE update 21 release for desktop and servers
  • Adds multi-core support for ARM and PowerPC processors including parallel garbage collection, background JIT compilation, and more
  • Improved performance and throughput in many areas, including a 20% speed-up on Caffeinmark and nearly 2x performance over Android on common benchmarks
  • Hundreds of enhancements, security improvements, and bug fixes

Why would you use Java SE Embedded vs. the normal Java SE (for desktop) release?

  • Java SE Embedded is available on a number of additional ISAs (ARM, PowerPC, and more) and OSes (Windows XP-Embedded, and more) – check with us for a full list
  • Java SE Embedded is optimized for embedded environments in a number of ways, such as reduced footprint and tuned memory management
  • Java SE Embedded offers a headless configuration which saves additional footprint in embedded solutions which do not require graphics

Java SE Embedded is a great solution if you need the full power of Java SE for your embedded product.

Read more about the release in The Daily Dose.

Check out this video with John Muhlner, Group Manager Embedded Solutions at Oracle.

Finally, see the Java Embedded home page with all the infos and downloads.


— Terrence

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