20110302_003-low.jpg The amount of traffic and interest at the Oracle booth here at embeddedworld2011 has been nothing short of amazing. At times, the booth was overflowing with visitors, the demos were in high demand, and we’ve been busy pretty much non-stop since the start of the conference talking about Java SE Embedded, Java ME, Java Card, and Berkeley DB.

The value of embedded systems is increasingly driven by software, and Java’s platform independence, high level of functionality and security, mature tool chain, connectivity and scalability, and massive ecosystem put it on the top of the list. And our booth visitors see it that way, too.

Screen shot 2011-03-02 at 17.53.56.png

We’ve been talking to car manufacturers about upgrading vehicle control and entertainment systems with Java, utility companies wanting to add intelligence to their networks using Java, consumer electronic manufacturers who want to build smart and connected devices, medical device companies wanting to develop smarter Java-based patient monitoring systems, processor and board vendors wanting to add the Java runtime driven by demand from software developers, and much, much more.

Check out the “guerilla style” video we shot at the booth.


— Terrence