Two noteworthy items today:

The Oracle ADF Mobile Client was released last week. ADF Mobile extends the Oracle Application Development Framework to mobile developers. ADF Mobile allows developers to rapidly create, using visual development in JDeveloper, applications that can access critical enterprise business data via mobile devices.


While ADF Mobile Browser has been available previously, the new release of ADF Mobile Client allows developers to create and deploy native mobile applications which can access native mobile functionality and allow disconnected access to enterprise data via data synchronization mechanisms.

Screen shot 2011-03-23 at 16.13.40.pngFor more information see the ADF Mobile home page which also contains a number of links to demos, getting started tutorials, the developers guide, downloads, and more. The ADF Mobile Client press release can be found here.

Next, the LWUIT team has been busily blogging about the new cool features of LWUIT, such as the advanced theming, the new Resource Editor, and a commercial application called Musix which demonstrates some of these advanced features in a slick, DRM’d music player.

Keep following the LWUIT blog for all the latest.


— Terrence