mobile-statistics.jpg Ernandes Mourao Junior is cranking out good stuff. A while ago I blogged about his excellent Twitter API ME project – I’ve used it myself and it works very well.

Among other things he is working on, Ernandes now has released the Google Analytics ME API.


Google Analytics ME is a compelling and well defined API for Java ME and Android developers who wish to integrate their apps into Google Analytics. With this API, developers will be able to prepare their apps to send out useful data, about how users are interacting with them. Those data will be valuable to identify, e.g., audience and improvement points.

The project page has a few introductory code snippets, the code itself, as well as links to further documentation on Google Analytics. Looks pretty straightforward – I hope to be able to give this a spin soon.

Thanks, Ernandes – and keep up the good work!


— Terrence