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Screen shot 2011-07-29 at 11.51.56.png The first edition of the Java Magazine has arrived. Java Magazine is fully digital and offers an up-to-date selection of news, how-to’s, technical articles, profiles of innovative Java apps, and more.

Get your free copy by subscribing here.


— Terrence


After ups and downs, planning and replanning, years of hard work, and lots of input from the community Java SE 7 has been made generally available TODAY.

Check out the following links:

And finally: Download it!


— Terrence

dukeschoice2008_winners.jpg Duke’s Choice awards are a long-standing tradition at JavaOne and a great way to showcase some of the innovation that’s happening around the Java platform.

Winners get a Duke statue, a free JavaOne full conference pass, and – most importantly – their winning implementation will be showcased at JavaOne 2011. The only criteria: Innovation.

The deadline is closing – Submit your nomination today!


— Terrence


The content catalog for JavaOne 2011 in San Francisco has been published.

434 sessions titles, abstracts, and speakers (including BOFs and HOLs) are online now. The schedule is currently being put together and will be published when available..


— Terrence

Screen shot 2011-07-25 at 14.19.57.pngThe U.S. PATRIOT Act in 2001 was a very controversial piece of legislation to begin with – giving the executive branch of the U.S. government and a number of related institutions sweeping powers to wire-tap, search, and demand personal data and communication information from a wide range of sources – often in direct violation of long-standing laws and civil liberties protected by the U.S. constitution.

Since then, the U.S. government has been accessing private records of banks, insurances, telecom companies, health care providers, and many more, mining vast amounts of sensitive data from potentially hundreds of millions of people in America in the process – with little or no democratic oversight or checks and balances.

Yeah, OK, that’s in America – not here, right? Think again.

First, it’s becoming increasingly clear that there is a secret version of the PATRIOT Act – the way the U.S. Department of Justice is interpreting the law, which appears significantly more invasive and far-reaching than many lawmakers and the public have been lead to believe. And, because it’s classified, there is no public discussion over the true extent of the law or abuses.

Second, it turns out – as Microsoft just recently admitted (and this is true for the entire IT industry) – there is no way for U.S. companies to stop the U.S. authorities from applying the PATRIOT Act to all subsidiaries of U.S. companies worldwide. This means, essentially, that the U.S. is riding rough shot over the sovereign data and privacy protection laws of foreign countries.

Pretty much any data that is stored or processed by a subsidiary of a U.S. company and falls within the PATRIOT Act, anywhere in the world, can be demanded and collected by U.S. authorities at any time and without your knowledge, in direct violation of the laws of your own country. Mind you, this does not only apply to U.S. citizens. It applies to everyone.

Hard to believe? Yes. But the more you dig into it, the worse it gets.


— Terrence

Wroclaw JUG.png Next week, Tuesday, July 19th, the Wroclaw JUG in Poland will be hosting me for a Java 7 event – as part of the worldwide series of local Java 7 Launch events (see The Java Spotlight for an event near you).

The title of my session is: Java SE 7: The Platform Evolves. I’ll be talking about how the Java platform is changing and adapting, what’s new in JDK 7 (Project Coin, NIO2, Fork-Join Framework, The DaVinci Machine, and more), doing some demos – and hopefully we have time for a good Q&A session (and some beer 😉

I’m looking forward to it. If you’re in the area, please stop by. See the event page for more information.


— Terrence

DukeRockStar02.pngIf you haven’t had a look at The Java Spotlight Podcast lately, I recommend you check out some of the recent episodes.

We’ve been busy covering a broad spectrum of topics, from the Java 7 Launch, Glassfish 3.1, JVM Performance and Quality, Java Mobile Platform development, all the way to bringing Java to Nintento DS with phoneME:

  • Episode 38: Adam Messinger, Vice President of Development Fusion Middleware at Oracle, on the JDK 7 release and more
  • Episode 37: Michelle Kovak, Java Brand Manager, on the Java 7 Launch
  • Episode 36: Anil Gaur, Vice President of Java Platform Enterprise Edition, on Glassfish 3.1
  • Episode 35: Vladimir Ivanov, Ivan Krylov, Sergey Kuksenko on JDK 7 VM performance and quality
  • Episode 34: Chuk Munn Lee on using phoneME on Ninendo DS
  • Episode 33: Sreekumar Pillai, CTO of Experion, on Java Mobile Platform development

Don’t forget that each episode also comes with a written transcript as well as show notes with a host of URLs, pointing to more details, events, and other information.


— Terrence

Screen shot 2011-07-12 at 17.09.40.png The Java 7 launch happened last Wednesday – by all accounts it was a smashing success.

Attendees and viewers signed up in large numbers, good tweets rolled in, and we’ve heard very positive feedback from developers and partners around the world.

To quote from the main session, Trent Gray-Donald, Technical Lead for the Java 7 work at IBM, says:

“There is a major surge of energy in Java”

If you missed the live event: The Oracle media team worked hard to make the recordings available as soon as possible. All videos are now posted, including the main webcast, 4 technical breakout sessions, and the Q&A/panel discussion:

  • Main session, with Adam Messinger (VP of Development Fusion Middleware at Oracle), along with a number of industry and community leaders live from the U.S., Brazil, and the U.K.
  • Making Heads and Tails of Project Coin, Small Language Changes in JDK 7, with Joe Darcy
  • Divide and Conquer Parallelism with the Fork/Join Framework, with Mark Reinhold
  • The New File System API in JDK 7, Staffan Friberg
  • A Renaissance VM: One Platform, Many Languages, John Rose
  • Meet the Experts: Q&A and Panel Discussion, moderated by Henrik Ståhl

In particular, be sure to watch the “Meet the Experts” session, which covers a number of topics above and beyond the technical breakout sessions.

All videos are available at the Java 7 launch event page.

For a shorter summary webcast on Java 7 you can also check out the OTN video discussion with Adam Messinger, Mark Reinhold, John Rose, and Joe Darcy.

Getting started with Java 7:

The Java 7 Final Release will be available at the end of this month. To get started with the (near-final) Preview Release, check out the Java SE Documentation Home Page (with links downloads and many other resources).


— Terrence

Moving-Java7-forward.jpg Java 7 will be launched this Thursday, July 7, 2011. This release puts Java back on the tracks with a host of new features and improvements, moving Java 7 forward for developers, the industry, and the ecosystem.

To learn about this new release, please join us for the Java 7 Launch Event, held simultaneously in California, Brazil, and the U.K.:

  • Redwood Shores, CA, USA (Thursday, 9:00 am PT)
  • Sao Paulo, Brazil (Thursday, 1:00 pm BRT)
  • London, UK (Thursday, 5:00 pm BST)

or attend one of the many Java 7 events around the world, organized by local Java User Groups (JUGs).  Find your local JUG here. For a list of JUG events see The Java Spotlight Podcast episode #37 (planned for publication tomorrow, July 5th).

If you can’t attend an event in person you can view the webcast by registering:



— Terrence

A few weeks ago Oracle introduced the Oracle Java ME Embedded Client. The response has been tremendous and we are seeing a lot of interest and downloads for this product.

While I am still busy working on the screen cast I announced in the previous blog post, in the meantime you can view the on-demand webcast now available:

“Introducing Oracle Java ME Embedded Client”
with Kevin J. Lee, Principal Product Manager, Java Development Group

You need to register first to view the webcast. Slides are also available.


— Terrence

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