You need a small, wireless compute platform to embed into your smart devices? Powered by Java – making it secure, robust, and easy to program?

Cinterion, based in Germany, has been shipping Java-powered wireless modules since 2003 into key M2M (machine-to-machine) markets such as mHealth, even winning a Duke’s Choice Award in 2010 for its innovative technologies.

These modules are amazing little compute platforms, complete with a CLDC/IMP Java runtime, IP-based cellular data connectivity, various I/O, and even GPS and other options. Software development is easy – use Eclipse or NetBeans, apply your existing Java skills, and you’ll be developing applications in no time.

In the latest Cinterion-Oracle customer success story, the Philips Respironics System One sleep therapy platform uses the Cinterion TC65i Java module and the GSM/GPRS network to allow doctors to remotely analyze patients breathing data and make changes to the air pressure administered by the device.

To learn more about Cinterion and other embedded Java technologies and solutions, register for the Embedded Java Resource Kit, which includes the following material and information:

  • On Demand Webcast: Learn How Java Can Power Devices and Infrastructures For The Smart Grid
  • White Paper: Making the Smart Grid Smarter With Embedded Java
  • Customer Success Story: Cinterion and Oracle
  • Embedded Java and Healthcare: Learn How Java Can Power Medical Devices and Healthcare Systems
  • Data Sheets
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— Terrence