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Yesterday’s part 1 was about the overall JavaOne focus and organization, the high-level schedule, infrastructure, as well as content tracks and the content catalog.

Today’s part 2 is my (subjective) list of content and noteworthy stuff I’d like bring to your attention (and attend myself, if I get a chance among all the other things that are going on that week … ūüėČ

First, I’m the author and speaker of these two sessions:

  • Getting Started with Embedded Java: Sense, Control, Store, Connect (24605) (Mon, 5:00 pm, HOL)

In this Hands-On-Lab we’ll be building a simple but complete embedded Java solution called EnviroTracker. We’ll walk through all the steps from hooking up the hardware, installing the necessary software, interfacing with I/O, to creating, deploying, and testing our application. I know the space for this lab is filling up fast, so be sure to sign up soon.

  • Top 10 Free Tools and Libraries for Building Better Java ME Applications (24860) (Tue, 4:30 pm, BOF)

This is based on the idea that there are a number of free tools and libraries floating around that can help you build Java ME apps better and faster, but many developers aren’t familiar with them. So let’s list some of the ones we’ve been using and I’m sure you’ll be able to add some of your own favorites.

Ok, now for the other content from the Content Catalog.

I’ve selected these based on personal interest, focused on mobile and embedded, but with some additional topics thrown in for good measure. I’ve categorized by area but the otherwise not sorted in any particular order:

Platform and Miscellaneous:

  • Meet the Java Language Team (25121)
  • Productively Fun Web Development with Apache Wicket and Java EE 6 (23000)
  • OpenJDK Port for Mac OS X (22681)


  • Getting the Most Out of the Series 40 Java Platform (24326)
  • Develop Mobile Apps with Java and Oracle ADF Mobile Client for iOS, Android, and More (25089)
  • Rapid Java ME Development with the Open Source Tantalum Java ME Library (24440)
  • Small Screens Playing a Big Boys’ Game: A Playbook for Java ME in Emerging Markets (24101)
  • CLDC Mobile Platform Evolution (23223)
  • Open Discussion on Emerging Markets (22721)
  • Oracle Java Wireless Client: A Java ME Optimized Stack for Low-End Platforms (22741)
  • WAC Widgets: New Direction for Java ME Phones (23361) Where Do the Killer Java Applications Preloaded on Your Phone Come From? (24310)
  • Why Operators and Manufacturers Are Passionate About Application Quality (25021)

Embedded and Consumer:

  • ARM: Over 6 Billion Served‚ÄĒ”Want That Java Superoptimized? (24242)
  • Use Your Body to Interact with the JVM: Or How to Use Kinect on the JVM (22040)
  • Embedding Java VM in Smart Devices (25061)
  • Java Powering Smart Grid Devices (24355)
  • Building a Home Security System with Java (25172)
  • Get Physical! An Arduino Introduction for Java Developers (25281)
  • Java and OSGi Enable Many Applications on Many End Devices (25802)
  • Oracle Java Micro Edition Embedded Client (25063)
  • An Embedded Service Platform for Uninterruptible Processing (24567)
  • DVB GEM: Java TV Goes Over the Top‚ÄĒHybrid and 3-D (23364) Ginga, Lightweight User Interface Toolkit, Java DTV, and You 2.0 (26280)
  • Java Card Platform: Embracing M2M and Other New Markets (23453)
  • Java-Powered Home Gateway: Basis of the Next-Generation Smart Home (24328)
  • Service-Oriented Architecture with Java SE for Embedded Devices: A Smart Meter Use Case (24925)
  • Telemetry and Synchronization with Embedded Java and Berkeley DB (25143)

JCP and Standards:

  • JCP Executive Committee Meet and Greet (33961 and 32561)
  • JCP and the Developer Community (23647)
  • Meet the Executive Committee Candidates (23641)

Rich Client and UI:

  • HTLM5 and Java: The Facts and the Myths (24821)
  • Deploying Web Applications with JavaFX (24980)
  • Graphics Designer Secrets for Compelling Mobile User Interfaces (20340)
  • How My Life Would Have Been So Much Better If We Had Used the NetBeans Platform (24120)
  • Interfacing with the Interface: JavaFX 2.0, Wiimote, Kinect, and More (25011)
  • Introduction to JavaFX 2.0 (23720) Introduction to the JavaFX Visual Tool (24943)
  • JavaFX 2.0 with Alternative Languages (17960)
  • JavaFX Architecture and Programming Model (25781)
  • The Return of Rich-Client Java (22523)
  • What’s New in LWUIT? (24026)

Hands-On-Labs (HOL):

  • Java SE for Embedded Devices for Connected Smart Grid (24642)
  • Java ME and Ginga-J TV Applications (25363)
  • Java ME LWUIT 1.5 (24682)

Ok, that’s it for now. Watch this space for updates and late-breaking news.

Hope to see you at the show!


— Terrence

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