If you couldn’t join us in San Francisco last week or you need to catch up with stuff you might have missed (yep, it was a very dense couple of days) … here are some pointers you will appreciate:

  • Keynotes: All JavaOne keynotes are available, both in a condensed highlight format as well as the full length versions. Go to the JavaOne Video on Demand page, and click on the video snapshot for the highlights or on the link below the snapshot for the full-length version.
  • Parleys: Parleys.com has teamed up with JavaOne to provide JavaOne content on Parleys’ next-gen. eLearning platform. Around 40% of the JavaOne sessions were recorded this way and will, over the next couple of weeks, be made available. The first batches are up and ready for viewing. Check out the JavaOne 2011 Space at parleys.com, or go directly here.
  • Content Slides: The slides for most sessions and a number of HOLs and BOFs – including those not recorded for Parleys – are now available via the JavaOne Content Catalog. Find the session, then look for the little PDF symbol to download the slides.

Finally, here is a nice summary of the blogosphere around JavaOne.


I forgot to add that Tori Wieldt from OTN did a bunch of short (2-5 minutes) live interviews at JavaOne on various topics such as the Duke Choice Award Winners, Mark Reinhold (Chief Architect Java), the Exhibition Hall and Demo Grounds, Java User Groups, Glassfish and Java EE, and much more. It’s a great way to soak up information and get a feel for the vibe of the conference.

Enjoy! Cheers,

— Terrence