javafx.pngA few weeks ago at JavaOne, Oracle announced its intention to open source the JavaFX platform.

To that effect, Oracle yesterday proposed to the OpenJDK mailing list the creation of the OpenJFX Project as the home not only for the JavaFX source code, but also for current and future development of the JavaFX toolkit in an open development model.

This is a significant step for the JavaFX technology and the OpenJDK project and demonstrates quite clearly Oracle’s commitment to open source, transparency, community building, and the success of JavaFX.

Some info on the planned OpenJFX contribution:

  • Over 6000+ public API members (methods/constructors/etc.)
  • Over 11,500 unit tests
  • Core libraries such as observable collections and binding
  • Scene graph, effects, graphics
  • CSS support for JavaFX
  • Media
  • WebView
  • Prism (hardware accelerated graphics, including openGL and D3D and java2D implementations)
  • Glass (windowing system, base porting layer, including mac, linux, and windows implementations)
  • UI Controls and Charts

More background information can also be found on the FX EXPERIENCE blog.


— Terrence