JAX Speaker Button.gif Just a quick note: I’ll be speaking at the JAX conference in Mainz, Germany, tomorrow:

  • “JavaFX 2: Java, RIA, Web, and more”, April 17, 18:00

The talk will be giving an overview of JavaFX 2.0, top features, demos, tools, and the roadmap of what’s in store for the technology in 2012 and beyond.

Also, be sure to check out the other Oracle sessions:

  • “Java everywhere – The Vision becomes true, again”, Dennis Leung, April 17, 9:00
  • “Die Oracle-Java-Plattformstrategie zeigt klare Konturen”, Wolfgang Weigend, April 18, 17:30
  • “Lambdas in Java 8: their Design and Implementation”, Maurizio Cimadamore, April 18, 17:30
  • “OpenJDK Build Workshop”, Frederik Öhrström, April 18, 20:45
  • The Future of Java on Multi-Core, Lambdas, Spliterators and Methods“, Frederik Öhrström, April 19, 10:15

For a complete list of all sessions, see here.


— Terrence