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Asha.jpg Nokia has announced a series of new S40 phones called “Asha” – mass-market devices with smart-phone features: Good-sized touch screens, 1 GHz processors, WiFi connectivity, social networking integration, and more. Prices starting around €60 retail.

In case you don’t know, the S40 series is built on Java ME and has a huge deployed base in many parts of the world where price/performance is critical. Along with the new phones, Nokia is also making available the new Nokia SDK 2.0 for Java (beta), which enables developers to build rich Java applications with multi-touch, sensor support, an improved Maps API, and the Lightweight UI Toolkit (LWUIT) (more API & tools details). Furthermore, there is a host of developer information, the remote device access service, and even a porting guide to help you port your Android app to the new Asha platform.

Last, but not least: More and better options to monetize your applications. Nokia has enabled in-app advertising and in-app purchasing, and improved the way applications can be discovered by customers. Nokia has seen downloads from the Nokia app store rise by 63%, now totaling billions.

From what I’m hearing, the revenue opportunities on S40 for developers are often way better than what is typical for other smart-phone platforms (where competition is huge and consumers are fickle).


— Terrence


JFXtras in an open source project that provides a bunch of interesting components and pieces to make your JavaFX application even more productive, engaging, and, yes, sexy. And saves you coding time along the way.

Check out the new JFXtras Ensemble demo, which showcases in one fell swoop all the features and bits you can take advantage of. Also, bookmark Jim Weaver’s excellent blog to keep up with all things JavaFX and rich client.


— Terrence


OTN just published part 1 of a series by Adam Bien on “The Enterprise Side of JavaFX”.

In this article, learn how to use LightView to convert REST services into a bindable set of properties, using JavaFX, Glassfish, LightFish, and Maven. Sample code included.

Part 2 will discuss the integration of a JavaServer Faces 2 UI with WebView.


— Terrence


The Duke’s Choice Award is a showcase for cool and innovative products in the world of Java technology. Since 2006, we’ve seen these amazing and inspiring projects and ideas coming from the developer community … keep them coming in 2012!

The deadline for submissions is this Friday, June 15, 2012. Use the Duke’s Choice Award Nomination Form today to submit your favorite cool use of Java technology.


— Terrence

Henrik-Partnercast.png Just got back from a much-needed short vacation … a bunch of interesting news and information has piled up that I would like to start sharing with you.

First, check out this Oracle Partner Network (OPN) webcast with Henrik Stahl, Senior Director, Product Management and learn about the huge opportunities Oracle sees in the embedded space.

Henrik talks about the vast (and sometimes unseen) deployment of Java across embedded, provides background on the initiatives, technologies, products, and tools Oracle is working on, and explains how developers and partners can get involved and work with Oracle to build platforms, middleware, and solutions to harness the predicted massive growth in embedded.

For more information, see Oracle’s Embeddable Java.


— Terrence

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