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Java embedded at j1

There has been a lot of interest in Java Embedded @ JavaOne since it was announced a short while ago (see my previous post). As this is a new conference we did get a number of questions regarding the conference.

So we put together a brief Q & A on audience focus, dates, registrations, pricing, submissions, etc. Hope this helps and, remember, the Call for Papers ends next week, Jul 18th 2012!


— Terrence 


Java Embedded @ JavaOne : Q & A 

Q. Where can I learn more about “Java Embedded @ JavaOne”?

A. Please visit:

Q. What is the purpose of “Java Embedded @ JavaOne”?

A. This net-new event is designed to provide business and technical decision makers, as well as Java embedded ecosystem partners, a unique occasion to come together and learn about how they can use Java Embedded technologies for new business opportunities.

Q. What broad audiences would benefit by attending “Java Embedded @ JavaOne”?

A. Java licensees; Government agencies; ISVs, Device Manufacturers; Service Providers such as Telcos, Utilities, Healthcare, Energy, Smart Grid/Smart Metering; Automotive/Telematics; Home/Building Automation; Factory Automation; Media/TV; and Payment vendors.

Q. What business titles would benefit by attending “Java Embedded @ JavaOne”?

A. The ideal audience for this event is business and technical decision makers (e.g. System Integrators, CTO, CXO, Chief Architects/Architects, Business Development Managers, Project Managers, Purchasing managers, Technical Leads, Senior Decision Makers, Practice Leads, R&D Heads, and Development Managers/Leads).

Q. When is “Java Embedded @ JavaOne” taking place?

A. The event takes place on Wednesday, Oct. 3th through Thursday, Oct. 4th.

Q. Where is “Java Embedded @ JavaOne” taking place?

A. The event takes place in the Hotel Nikko.

Q. Won’t “Java Embedded @ JavaOne” impact the flagship JavaOne conference since the Hotel Nikko is one of the 3 flagship JavaOne conference’s venue hotels?

A. No. Separate space in the Hotel Nikko will be used for “Java Embedded @ JavaOne” and will in no way impact scale and scope of the flagship JavaOne conference’s content mix.

Q. Will there be a call for papers for “Java Embedded @ JavaOne”?

A. Yes.  The call for papers has started but is ONLY for business focused submissions.

Q. What type of business submissions can I make for “Java Embedded @ JavaOne”?

A. We are accepting 3 types of business submissions:

  1. Best Practices: Java Embedded business solutions, methods, and techniques that consistently show results superior to those achieved with other means, as well as discussions on how Java Embedded can improve business operations, and increase competitive differentiation and profitability.
  2. Case Studies: Discussions with Oracle customers and partners that describe the unique business drivers that convinced them to implement Java Embedded as part of an infrastructure technology mix. The discussions will highlight the issues they faced, the decision making involved, and the implementation choices made to create value and improve business differentiation.
  3. Panel: Moderator-driven open discussion focused on the emerging opportunities Java Embedded offers businesses, as well as other topics such as strategy, overcoming common challenges, etc.

Q. What is the call for papers timeline for “Java Embedded @ JavaOne”?

A. The timeline is as follows:

  • CFP Launched – June 18th
  • Deadline for submissions – July 18th
  • Notifications (Accepts/Declines) – week of July 29th
  • Deadline for speakers to accept speaker invitation – August 10th
  • Presentations due for review – August 31st

Q. Where can I find more call for paper details for “Java Embedded @ JavaOne”?

A. Please go to:

Q. How much does it cost to attend “Java Embedded @ JavaOne”?

A. The cost to attend is:

  • $595.00 U.S. — Early Bird (Launch date – July 13, 2012)
  • $795.00 U.S. — Pre-Registration (July 14 – September 28, 2012)
  • $995.00 U.S. — Onsite Registration (September 29 – October 4, 2012)

Q. Can an attendee of the flagship JavaOne event and Oracle OpenWorld attend “Java Embedded @ JavaOne”?

A. Yes.  Attendees of both the flagship JavaOne event and Oracle OpenWorld can attend “Java Embedded @ JavaOne” by purchasing a $100.00 U.S. upgrade to their full conference pass.

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— Terrence

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