Javaone embedded combined

It’s here. Tomorrow (Sunday), JavaOne kicks off. Followed on Wednesday by Java Embedded @ JavaOne.

As I mentioned in my previous post, 2012 sees a big focus on embedded Java topics leading up to the show as well as throughout the conference. Last week was the announcement of two new embedded products: Oracle Java ME Embedded 3.2 and Java Embedded Server 7.0 (a blog post on this coming soon). And this week follows up with a host of keynotes, sessions, tutorials, booths, demos, and other content at JavaOne and Java Embedded @ JavaOne.

Just in time, I’d like to share my (totally subjective) list of this week’s “Embedded Highlights”, sorted by conference and by day. Here it goes:

JavaOne, Sunday

  • KEY10728 – Java Strategy Keynote 
  • KEY10744 – JavaOne Technical Keynote

JavaOne, Monday

  • CON6703 – ARM: Eight Billion Served—“Want That Java Superoptimized?”
  • CON11238 – Java Robots and Automation with MAX
  • CON5943 – Java ME 7 Service Platform
  • TUT10155 – Getting up to Speed on Oracle Java SE Embedded Performance: Tuning Tips and Tricks
  • CON4247 – CLDC7: The Java Platform for Feature Phones and Low-Footprint Embedded Devices
  • TUT6305 – Hands-On M2M
  • BOF6816 – A Java-Powered FIRST Robot

JavaOne, Tuesday

  • CON6335 – Rapid Robot Programming
  • CON5804 – A New Platform for Ubiquitous Computing: Oracle Java ME Embedded
  • CON11300 – Expanding the Reach of the Java ME Platform
  • CON4058 – Java-Enabled Wireless Modules: The Central Hub for Next-Generation M2M Applications
  • CON7110 – Developing Java Mobile and Embedded Applications with Java ME SDK 3.2
  • CON4570 – Oracle Java Wireless Client: Optimized Java ME 7 Runtime
  • CON12988 – OSGI Resource and Remote Lifecycle Management for M2M and the Device Cloud
  • CON6094 – JavaFX on Smart Embedded Devices
  • BOF4227 – Building Smart Java Applications with Neural Networks, Using the Neuroph Framework
  • BOF7304 – Using Your Old Java ME Device to Build Cool New Hacking Projects
  • BOF4298 – Small Embedded Java Platform for Robots
  • CON5352 – Building JavaFX Interfaces with the Real World

JavaOne, Wednesday

  • CON7212 – Java for Embedded Systems: Multicore and More
  • CON11385 – What Users Really Want from M2M Solutions: Findings of a Worldwide M2M User Survey
  • CON5348 – Do You Like Coffee with Your Dessert? Java and the Raspberry Pi
  • CON3984 – A Profile for an Embedded World with Increasing Demands
  • CON3400 – Kinect Open Source Programming Secrets: Hacking with OpenNI, NITE, and Java
  • CON6590 – Easy Middleware for Your Embedded Device

JavaOne, Thursday

  • CON8081 – A World of Possibilities with Java ME + Bluetooth + Arduino 
  • CON4666 – How to Connect Java Embedded to Cloud Computing 
  • CON11225 – Closing the IT Loop: Best Practices with Java Embedded in the Real World 
  • CON11335 – Developing Embedded and Cloud Java Apps for Routers, Gateways, and Storage Devices

Java Embedded @ JavaOne, Wednesday

  • KEY11523 – Java Embedded: Market Strategy with Judson Althoff
  • CON11210 – Modernizing the Explosion of Advanced Microcontrollers with Embedded Java
  • CON11211 – Standardized Embedded mHealth: The Power of Java and the Continua Ecosystem
  • CON11156 – Benefits of Java M2M Modules to the Ecosystem
  • CON13583 – Internet of Everything: From Connected Objects to a Smart Connected World
  • CON11235 – Bring Your Device to the Cloud: Why Mobile Networks Are Different
  • CON11236 – The Coming M2M Revolution: Critical Issues for End-to-End Software and Systems

Java Embedded @ JavaOne, Thursday

  • KEY11525 – Java Embedded: Product Strategy with Hasan Rizvi 
  • CON11386 – Emerging Technologies in Manufacturing and Industrial Automation 
  • CON11388 – M2M: Tackling the Next Data Deluge 
  • CON11207 – Java and M2M Services for Business Transformation 
  • CON11208 – Gaining Market Advantage via Simplification and Differentiation with Java

Enough content? I thought so 😉 And, not to forget, be sure to check out the DemoGrounds at JavaOne – lots of cool demos, geek toys, and more. And hang out at the OTN Lounge while you’re there.

Hope you have a great show. See you around!


— Terrence