It’s Devoxx time again!

If you’re at Devoxx, sure to check the schedule for a whole range of exciting Java and Oracle topics:

JavaFX, OpenJDK, JDK 7, Java Embedded, Java EE, JCP, NetBeans, Greenfoot, as well as Java Duchess and JUG meetings. Talks, labs, BOFs, demos, and more.

Embedded Java will also play a prominent role. Want to see Java on Raspberry Pi in action? Find out why what’s happening with Java in IoT (Internet of Things)? Play with NetBeans and Tinkerforge?

Check out the full Devoxx schedule.

Why do I think Java has the most exciting part of its future still ahead of it? Catch up with me at my talk on Wed 14:00:  “Small, Smart, Connected: Java in the Internet of Things”.


— Terrence