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It’s great to be back in Sao Paulo. I’m looking forward to a another buzzing JavaOne LAD conference and the energy of the Latin American Java community! And, of course, catching up with Brazilian friends over some serious Caipirinhas 😉

I’m part of the Technical Keynote on Tuesday, and doing three technical sessions:

  • Harnessing the Explosion of Advanced Microcontrollers with Embedded Java, Dec 5, 11:15
  • A New Platform for Ubiquitous Computing: Oracle Java ME Embedded, Dec 5, 17:30
  • Java ME Embedded Profile 8—for an Embedded World with Increasing Demands, Dec 6, 11:15
In fact, I think I will morph the last session into a more wide sweeping introduction into Java ME 8 (of which the Java ME Embedded Profile 8 is a component) – there is so much new and cool stuff in the pipe that just talking about Java ME Embedded Profile doesn’t do it justice.
Plus, I’ll be showing some small embedded Java toys at the demo booth (in the Exhibition Pavilion).
Hope to see you there!
— Terrence