JFokus is focusing (that’s right!) on embedded for it’s upcoming event Feb 4-6 in Stockholm:

  • A dedicated 2-day track on “Embedded, M2M & Internet of Things”
  • An embedded lab with Java on Raspberry Pi (sorry, already sold out …)

Mattias and the JFokus crew have put together a great embedded track, with a cross-section of talks on what’s hot and relevant in the embedded space right now. Here a selection:

  • Opening keynote by Oracle’s Henrik Ståhl, Senior Director of Product Management for Java
  • Axel Hensmann from Gemalto (Cinterion) on why they are using Java on their wireless modules
  • Gerrit Grunewald will be undoubtedly delivering some cool tricks and visuals with Java on BeagleBoard, Raspberry Pi, and HTML5
  • Nighthacker Stephen Chin with a Raspberry Pi BOF
  • Simon Ritter will be serving coffee and pi (the Java and the Raspberry kind)
  • I will be doing the closing keynote on “Java in the Internet of Things: Smart, Small, Connected
  • And more embedded sessions in between ….!

And, this being one of northern Europe’s premier Java conferences, there are another 5 tracks packed with Java content, from the Java Platform, enterprise and web development, cloud, and other software development topics. 

Hope to see you in Stockholm!


— Terrence