Raspi screencastAt JavaOne 2012 Oracle announced its entry into the small embedded space: Java ME Embedded 3.2.

Today we are announcing the availability of two exciting follow-up releases:

  1. Java ME Embedded 3.3 for Raspberry Pi (Early Access)
  2. Java ME SDK 3.3 (Early Access)

With these releases, Java developers can now develop feature-rich embedded Java ME applications and run them on the popular Raspberry Pi board. The new version supports a number of new or improved features:

  • Support of Raspberry Pi Model B running Linux Wheezy hard float
  • Multi-tasking virtual machine for running multiple applications concurrently and reliably
  • Full-featured application provisioning and management
  • An enhanced Device Access API, which allows developers to access peripheral I/O directly from Java, including devices on GPIO, UART, I2C, and SPI 
  • Network and memory monitoring tools
  • Various additional enhancements in both the Java ME Embedded runtime and the Java ME SDK

Get a quick intro by watching Simon Ritter’s webcast “Java ME Embedded on the Raspberry Pi”.

Go here to find out more and download Java ME Embedded and Java ME SDK, including an overview, Getting Started Guide, FAQ, and full documentation.

That’s all for today – I will post more information next week.


— Terrence