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What’s New?

We’ve gotten excellent feedback on these releases and have found and fixed a couple of bugs and glitches and made usability enhancements. In keeping with the rapid evolution of the technology, we are today making available a set of refreshed bits:

  1. Oracle Java ME Embedded 3.3.1 EA for ARM Cortex-M3/M4
  2. Updated Oracle Java ME Embedded 3.3 EA for Raspberry Pi
  3. Updated Oracle Java ME SDK 3.3 EA and updated plugins for NetBeans and Eclipse

We have also expanded the documentation that comes with these releases as well as updated the embedded sample code that is available with the Java ME SDK 3.3 EA.

Developer should start using these updated releases right away to benefit from the improvements.

Important Notes For Installation:

  • You should update all versions together. The integration between the runtimes (1 and 2) and the tools (3) will work best if all are updated at the same time. So please uninstall previous versions of Java ME SDK 3.3 EA (via Windows “remove software”) and the NetBeans and Eclipse plugins (via plugin management) and then install the updated versions.
  • When installing the updated NetBeans plugins, you should use the manual installation method as described in the chapter 2-4 of the “Getting Started Guide for the Windows Platform”. The reason is that the NetBeans update center still contains the plugin versions of Java ME SDK 3.2 GA release (not 3.3 EA).

Getting Started:

Be sure to check out the improved and expanded “Getting Started Guides” and “Release Notes” for the platform you plan to use. Refer to the OTN Java Embedded Documentation Tab and expand on the section “Oracle Java ME Embedded 3.3 Release” (see screen shot).

3 3docs

It’s best to start with the Windows (via Java ME SDK) “Getting Started Guide for the Windows Platform”, which explains how to install the Java ME SDK and configure NetBeans and Eclipse.

To access the refreshed bits for the Oracle Java ME Embedded runtimes and the Java ME SDK, please go to the download page (be sure to refer to the section for the 3.3 releases).

Where to Learn More and Get Help:


— Terrence 

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