Henrik stahl

Is Android a good choice for building an embedded product? Be sure to consider all the facts … In this PartnerCast video, Henrik Stahl answers an attendee question and shares some very valuable insight (skip to the 7:55 time mark in the video).


Android is a smartphone operating system with a non-standard Linux base and Android APIs on top, designed for specialized devices with a 2- to 3-year life cycle. Android is not standards-based, has no public roadmap, no predictable lifecycle, and no 3rd party support.

Building and maintaining an embedded product that is in the market for 5 to 20 years based on Android is a very risky proposition.

Java, by comparison, is a standards-based platform with an open roadmap, a transparent community process, and a large ecosystem of 3rd party providers, partners, and developers. Oracle’s Java products cover a wide range of platforms, from very small and resource constrained to large and powerful systems, and come with long-term support.


— Terrence