Newsflash 757208

Obfuscation is a really helpful mechanism to reduce the size of your Java ME Embedded application code to a minimum.

When developing Java embedded applications using the Java ME SDK  3.3 with NetBeans you would normally be able to easily install the ProGuard obfuscator via the NetBeans ProGuard plugin and then set it to automatically obfuscate every project build.

However, for NetBeans 7.3 a licensing incompatibly prevents the ProGuard plugin to be available directly on the NetBeans 7.3 update center. This issue has been fixed for the upcoming NetBeans 7.4.

If you want to use ProGuard with NetBeans 7.3 there is an easy workaround described on the NetBeans bug tracker: Scroll down to the end of the thread to see:


For now it is possible to use following workaround for proguard:

1. Download proguard.jar from
2. Insert following line in {YOUR_PROJECT_DIR}/nbproject/private/ OR {NB_USERDIR}/ (no need to insert in both):


(e.g. obfuscator.classpath=C:\\JavaME\\Proguard\\proguard.jar)


Hope this helps. Cheers,

— Terrence