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Update (9/25): Some users may be experiencing problems when installing the Java ME SDK 8 EA plugins into NetBeans. Please see the updated Java ME SDK 8 EA Release Notes for a workaround.

As I blogged recently, the Java ME 8 specifications are moving full steam ahead. And today, Oracle is announcing the immediate availability of Java ME 8 Early Access.

Java ME 8 in a Nutshell:

Java ME 8 is a significant update of the Java ME platform and provides a modern, flexible, and feature-rich embedded software platform that is aligned with Java SE 8 and allows more efficient development, deployment, and management of embedded software solutions:

Java ME 8 Early Access scales down to very small target devices – the single-chip solution used on the STM32F4DISCOVERY board has 192 KB of RAM and 1 MB Flash, and costs around US $5 in volume, yet can host a complete solution of Java ME 8 EA runtime, networking and device access functionality, and Java application.

With this update, Java ME 8 is positioned to be the platform of choice for intelligent devices and the Internet of Things.

To learn more about Java ME 8:

Getting started with Java ME 8 Early Access:

Java ME 8 Early Access is available now for the following developer boards:

  • Raspberry Pi Model B (ARM11/Linux)
  • ST Microelectronics STM32F4DISCOVERY (ARM Cortex-M4)

Software development is supported by the Java ME SDK 8 Early Access, which includes a Java ME 8 runtime emulation on Windows as well (so you can get started even without a developer board).

  • Learn more and download Java ME 8 Early Access binaries and Java ME SDK 8 Early Access tools
  • Access Release Notes and step-by-step Getting Started Guides


— Terrence