OJPI stack

Back in July, Oracle announced the Oracle Java Platform Integrator (OJPI) program.

The OJPI program enables companies developing embedded products on devices to leverage the technologies Oracle is providing across their choice of hardware and operating systems. This allows companies to increase their differentiation and value-add,  improve application and service portability across a consistent platform, and reduce engineering efforts and time to market for their solutions through the pre-integrated and optimized stacks for Java Embedded.

Since July, we have been busy expanding this offering with more information and additional releases, including:

  • Oracle Java SE Embedded 7u40 for ARM and Power (in various configurations)
  • Oracle Java ME Embedded 3.3 for ARM11 and ARM Cortex-M3/M4
  • Oracle Java ME Embedded 3.4 for Qualcomm QSC6270T

For more details, see the OJPI Landing Page. For a complete list of supported platforms, see the OJPI List of Deployment Platforms.

For more background, please also see the related announcement “Oracle Delivers New Capabilities for Powering the Internet of Things” (including video).


— Terrence