When creating an IoT solution today one of the most important decisions is to ‘build vs. buy’.

This is critical because deciding to ‘build it yourself’ is tempting, but fraught with complexity. Doing IoT right is hard, and experience indicates that in most cases it is much better to leverage an existing and proven IoT platform such as Electric Imp rather than embarking on the risky, time-consuming, and costly effort to build your own. 

My colleague Pete Tarbox assembled the ‘Top 6 reasons Manufacturers should leverage existing platforms for IoT’:

  1. Security, Security, Security
  2. Connectivity is harder than you think
  3. It’s not what you do
  4. The cost of getting it wrong is immense
  5. Developing a Platform won’t differentiate you
  6. You haven’t got the time

An excellent blog post, worth reading.


— Terrence