Electric Imp and New Relic team up for IoT Workshop

Electric Imp and New Relic are teaming up to get cool data from your IoT device and show you how to implement IoT application monitoring at the edge.

Come to the IoT Workshop on June 28th to see how you can get live data into your New Relic instance using an Electric Imp, such as:

  • Environmental data (humidity, temperature, etc)
  • Device operational data (WiFi signal strength, power levels, and more)
  • Communication and application performance data (communication round-trip time, application statistics, etc)

You’ll learn how easy the Electric Imp-New Relic integration is and how to use New Relic to optimize your real-world IoT application – plus, solve our workshop challenges! Bring your laptop, and think of cool ideas if you’d like to explore Electric Imp and New Relic tie-ins of your own!

The event is FREE at happens at the New Relic offices in San Francisco on June 28. Register here.


— Terrence