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Electric Imp is now part of the IBM Global Solutions Directory. Plus, we are featured with the brand-new Watson IoT “SmartFridge” recipecheck it out.


— Terrence


Eaton small

Last week Eaton and the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) announced a field test for Energy Management Circuit Breakers (EMCB) together with 12 electric utilities, representing millions of households across the U.S. and Canada.

The EMCB technology implements utility-grade energy monitoring and management at the breaker level, bringing unprecedented insight and control to the power grid.

At the heart of the EMBC is the Electric Imp connectivity platform, delivering industrial-grade security, scalability, and intelligence and changing energy management forever using the power of the IoT.

To read more, see the blog.


— Terrence

Screen Shot 2016 10 12 at 11 58 18Last week, Salesforce and Electric Imp released the first official Salesforce IoT Trailhead: The Electric Imp SmartFridge.

Using the Electric Imp connectivity platform and ready-to-use Salesforce integration it is extremely easy to build a real-world end-to-end refrigerator monitoring platform:

  • Easy device installation and setup
  • Wirelessly monitor a refrigerator for temperature, humidity, and light
  • Use local device intelligence to generate alerts (door open, temperature/humidity out of bounds)
  • Stream data to a Salesforce connected app
  • Trigger tickets in Salesforce 
  • Push alerts to Salesforce chatter

… and do all of this with production-grade security, scalability, and intelligence provided out-of-the-box by the Electric Imp connectivity platform.

You can easily try this out yourself using the easy- step-by-step instructions in the Salesforce trailhead.


— Terrence

ArrowJust in case you missed it: Recently, Arrow Electronics and Electric Imp announced a partnership and distribution agreement for the Electric Imp IoT platform in EMEA. For more information, see the official announcement.


— Terrence

Fieldbus to IP
One of the strengths of the Electric Imp connectivity platform is that is provides secure, managed, and scalable IP endpoints into devices at the edge of the network – enabling customers to readily and confidently connect their products to the cloud.

This not only applies to individual devices, but also to entire subsystems, for example devices on local ZigBee or XBee networks or other field busses. In those cases, the Electric Imp module acts as a lightweight gateway bridging the local subsystem protocol to IP and the cloud. Unlike Linux-based gateways, these imp-based gateways are very cost- and power effective, provide proven security from the silicon to the cloud, are easily programmable, and fully managed – ideally suited to deliver flexible gateway functionality without the complexity, cost, and security headaches of typical embedded Linux gateways.

Integration with Electric Imp is very easy: Simply connect the subsystem (for example, the XBee coordinator node) to the imp module (via UART, SPI, etc) and use one of our drop-in libraries with your embedded application running on the imp. Easy-to-use APIs now enable you to address devices, send commands, and exchange data from the subsystem into the cloud and vice versa. You can even use the imp to deliver secure over-the-air firmware updates to your subsystem!

You can also easily customize the functionality to your specific needs, integrate specialized vertical field busses, or add custom logic since the imp gateway is programmable (and readily updatable) through our productive Squirrel scripting language and software provisioning system. This opens a wide range of use cases across many industries.

Today, Electric Imp released a new library for XBee/ZigBee to do exactly that, and more fieldbus integrations (Modbus, etc) are in the works, making imp a great and flexible choice for connecting your fieldbus devices securely to the cloud.

You can find the XBee/ZigBee announcement here. The full range of libraries and integrations is available here.


— Terrence

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