Screen Shot 2016 10 12 at 11 58 18Last week, Salesforce and Electric Imp released the first official Salesforce IoT Trailhead: The Electric Imp SmartFridge.

Using the Electric Imp connectivity platform and ready-to-use Salesforce integration it is extremely easy to build a real-world end-to-end refrigerator monitoring platform:

  • Easy device installation and setup
  • Wirelessly monitor a refrigerator for temperature, humidity, and light
  • Use local device intelligence to generate alerts (door open, temperature/humidity out of bounds)
  • Stream data to a Salesforce connected app
  • Trigger tickets in Salesforce 
  • Push alerts to Salesforce chatter

… and do all of this with production-grade security, scalability, and intelligence provided out-of-the-box by the Electric Imp connectivity platform.

You can easily try this out yourself using the easy- step-by-step instructions in the Salesforce trailhead.


— Terrence