A key challenge in getting IoT projects off the ground is evaluating technologies, architectures, and concepts – you need to be able to easily build a proof-of-concept and evaluate a platform and design in terms of security, hardware capabilities, integrations, and other key requirements you have … often with limited engineering budget and on a short time frame.

Typically, these evaluations take weeks or even months and involve significant custom hardware and software design just to even get to a prototype. And once you’ve validated the prototype you often have to throw that away and start over to develop a production-grade design. This approach incurs a lot of cost, risk, and delay in getting to market with a robust and complete IoT solution.

The Electric Imp platform is designed from the start to be pre-integrated, secure, production-ready, and easily adaptable – allowing you to go from evaluation to production with minimal engineering effort, short time, and high confidence

To accelerate this process even further, Electric Imp is today announcing the QuickStart Family of impAccelerator Solution Kits, which are off-the-shelf hardware platforms that you can use to kick-start your prototyping and evaluation. impAccelerator Solution Kits allow you to plug-and-play different hardware and software components and assemble and evaluate production-grade end-to-end IoT solutions in record time.

Find out more about the technical details, pricing, and availability in the official announcement:

QuickStart Family helps Fast Track Industrial-Strength IoT


— Terrence