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Quick update on yesterday’s announcement: Check out this Fortune magazine about Pitney Bowes and Electric Imp.


— Terrence


Update 5/4/12: Change in Venue for the Bangalore JUG event, new events added (Pune JUG, Mumbai and Delhi OTN Dev Days)

Getting ready for India … (and 40 C weather 😉

May 3+4 brings JavaOne to Hyderabad. Check out the tracks, schedule, and keynotes. Download the complete agenda of sessions. JavaOne India is shaping up to be a great event, bringing together the energy of the Indian developer community with key content, speakers, demos, and excitement from JavaOne around the world. Register here.

Also, there will be several local JUG events and Oracle OTN Developer Days right after JavaOne.


Bangalore JUG meeting, May 5th, 11:30 am
More information

Pune JUG Meet Up, May 5th
More information

Chennai JUG Meet up, May 5th
More information

Mumbai Oracle OTN Developer Day May 7th
More information

Delhi Oracle OTN Developer Days, May 8th
More information


— Terrence

This is a bit off-topic but I wanted to share because it seems a lot of people are running into issues with choppy video playback and stutter on Mac OS X.

I am using a Mac Mini with Snow Leopard (10.6.8) as a home media center and it has worked great in the past, playing back music and videos from multiple sources (web, quicktime, VLC, EyeTV). A few weeks ago the video playback from all my sources started to become choppy, to stutter, and often the picture would hang for seconds at a time. Totally unusable. Drove me nuts for two weeks.

After much research and trial-and-error it turns out the problem was an outdated Flash Player which seems to have messed up the video pipeline for the entire system. The short is, I updated the Flash Player to version 11 directly from the Adobe web site, rebooted the Mac Mini, and all is well again!

Judging from the various posts across the web, video playback appears to be a fairly widespread problem for Mac users and I hope this helps some of you out there! And I can’t wait to get rid of Flash altogether – I can’t remember the times it has crashed my browser, hung my system, and screwed up things. Thanks Adobe ;-(


— Terrence

Wroclaw JUG.png Next week, Tuesday, July 19th, the Wroclaw JUG in Poland will be hosting me for a Java 7 event – as part of the worldwide series of local Java 7 Launch events (see The Java Spotlight for an event near you).

The title of my session is: Java SE 7: The Platform Evolves. I’ll be talking about how the Java platform is changing and adapting, what’s new in JDK 7 (Project Coin, NIO2, Fork-Join Framework, The DaVinci Machine, and more), doing some demos – and hopefully we have time for a good Q&A session (and some beer 😉

I’m looking forward to it. If you’re in the area, please stop by. See the event page for more information.


— Terrence

DukeRockStar02.pngIf you haven’t had a look at The Java Spotlight Podcast lately, I recommend you check out some of the recent episodes.

We’ve been busy covering a broad spectrum of topics, from the Java 7 Launch, Glassfish 3.1, JVM Performance and Quality, Java Mobile Platform development, all the way to bringing Java to Nintento DS with phoneME:

  • Episode 38: Adam Messinger, Vice President of Development Fusion Middleware at Oracle, on the JDK 7 release and more
  • Episode 37: Michelle Kovak, Java Brand Manager, on the Java 7 Launch
  • Episode 36: Anil Gaur, Vice President of Java Platform Enterprise Edition, on Glassfish 3.1
  • Episode 35: Vladimir Ivanov, Ivan Krylov, Sergey Kuksenko on JDK 7 VM performance and quality
  • Episode 34: Chuk Munn Lee on using phoneME on Ninendo DS
  • Episode 33: Sreekumar Pillai, CTO of Experion, on Java Mobile Platform development

Don’t forget that each episode also comes with a written transcript as well as show notes with a host of URLs, pointing to more details, events, and other information.


— Terrence


Apple, after a week of silence, has responded to concerns about the iOS4 tracking issue by posting the “Apple Q&A on Location Data” (for background information, see my post “Stranger than fiction: Apple’s iOS4 is tracking your moves”).

I think Apple is doing the right thing, although several question remain unanswered.

In particular, I find it hard the believe that this was simply ‘a software bug’ that went undetected for months. After all, we’re talking about Apple and this is an important feature. You got to ask how this one could slip by them.

However, if they were aware of the issue, then how could they not disclose it to their users?

I don’t know the answer, but for now I’m giving them the benefit of the doubt.

See also Larry Magid’s article “Apple’s iPhone doublespeak”.


— Terrence

JCP_logo_blue.jpg Last week the 2011 JCP Executive Committee (EC) Special Election process started. There are 4 open EC seats to be filled: 3 seats for the SE/EE EC and 1 seat for the ME EC.

The timeline for this special election is as follows:

  • Nominations open: 12 – 25 April
  • Ballot open: 26 April – 9 May
  • Results published: 10 May

See the JCP Program Office blog for further details.


— Terrence

Apple has recently announced that it would prefer if someone else were to continue the development of the JDK for Mac OS X. As Apple’s own JDK is mature and well-integrated, we would love to see Apple contributing the source code of the existing JDK for Mac OS X to the OpenJDK BSD Port project (

Please sign the petition Contribute the Apple JDK source to OpenJDK by clicking here

— Terrence

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