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Today (April 23rd) is the LAST DAY to submit a proposal for JavaOne San Francisco 2013.

For more information, see here.


— Terrence

PS: My offer for extra credit for doing something fun with Java ME Embedded on Raspberry Pi still stands!

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Have you been working on a cool application, solved a tricky embedded problem, or helped deliver an industrial-grade solution using Java?

There is a lot of great stuff happening in the embedded Java space. The world wants to hear about it.

Submit your proposal to JavaOne 2013 in San Francisco and present your work to thousands of like-minded Java developers!

The Call for Papers has been extended by a week, to April 23rd (watch the web pages for updates).


Get extra credit from me for using Java ME Embedded on Raspberry Pi. Check it out and do something fun and inspiring with it.


— Terrence

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JavaOne 2013 Call for Proposals – Closing in Two (2) Days!

Imagine sharing your passion and technical expertise at the largest Java community gathering in the world.

We’re still looking for impactful content within the following tracks:

  • Client and Embedded Development with JavaFX
  • Core Java Platform
  • Edge Computing with Java in Embedded, Smart Card, and IoT Applications
  • Emerging Languages on the Java Virtual Machine
  • Java Development Tools and Techniques
  • Java EE Web Profile and Platform Technologies
  • Java Web Services and the Cloud
  • Securing Java

Submitting a proposal on any of these will earn our attention. If your proposal is chosen, you’ll be among an elite group to receive a complimentary pass to the conference.

JavaOne2013 cfp


— Terrence

Java embedded at j1

Update (7/17/2012): By popular request, the CfP deadline has been extended to July 27! So that gives you a few extra days to prepare that submission.

The deadline for the Call-for-Papers for Java Embedded @ JavaOne is approaching fast.

Be sure to submit your paper by Wednesday, July 18.

More information on the Call-for-Papers and the types of submissions we are looking for can be found on the Q & A.


— Terrence

Java embedded at j1

There has been a lot of interest in Java Embedded @ JavaOne since it was announced a short while ago (see my previous post). As this is a new conference we did get a number of questions regarding the conference.

So we put together a brief Q & A on audience focus, dates, registrations, pricing, submissions, etc. Hope this helps and, remember, the Call for Papers ends next week, Jul 18th 2012!


— Terrence 


Java Embedded @ JavaOne : Q & A 

Q. Where can I learn more about “Java Embedded @ JavaOne”?

A. Please visit:

Q. What is the purpose of “Java Embedded @ JavaOne”?

A. This net-new event is designed to provide business and technical decision makers, as well as Java embedded ecosystem partners, a unique occasion to come together and learn about how they can use Java Embedded technologies for new business opportunities.

Q. What broad audiences would benefit by attending “Java Embedded @ JavaOne”?

A. Java licensees; Government agencies; ISVs, Device Manufacturers; Service Providers such as Telcos, Utilities, Healthcare, Energy, Smart Grid/Smart Metering; Automotive/Telematics; Home/Building Automation; Factory Automation; Media/TV; and Payment vendors.

Q. What business titles would benefit by attending “Java Embedded @ JavaOne”?

A. The ideal audience for this event is business and technical decision makers (e.g. System Integrators, CTO, CXO, Chief Architects/Architects, Business Development Managers, Project Managers, Purchasing managers, Technical Leads, Senior Decision Makers, Practice Leads, R&D Heads, and Development Managers/Leads).

Q. When is “Java Embedded @ JavaOne” taking place?

A. The event takes place on Wednesday, Oct. 3th through Thursday, Oct. 4th.

Q. Where is “Java Embedded @ JavaOne” taking place?

A. The event takes place in the Hotel Nikko.

Q. Won’t “Java Embedded @ JavaOne” impact the flagship JavaOne conference since the Hotel Nikko is one of the 3 flagship JavaOne conference’s venue hotels?

A. No. Separate space in the Hotel Nikko will be used for “Java Embedded @ JavaOne” and will in no way impact scale and scope of the flagship JavaOne conference’s content mix.

Q. Will there be a call for papers for “Java Embedded @ JavaOne”?

A. Yes.  The call for papers has started but is ONLY for business focused submissions.

Q. What type of business submissions can I make for “Java Embedded @ JavaOne”?

A. We are accepting 3 types of business submissions:

  1. Best Practices: Java Embedded business solutions, methods, and techniques that consistently show results superior to those achieved with other means, as well as discussions on how Java Embedded can improve business operations, and increase competitive differentiation and profitability.
  2. Case Studies: Discussions with Oracle customers and partners that describe the unique business drivers that convinced them to implement Java Embedded as part of an infrastructure technology mix. The discussions will highlight the issues they faced, the decision making involved, and the implementation choices made to create value and improve business differentiation.
  3. Panel: Moderator-driven open discussion focused on the emerging opportunities Java Embedded offers businesses, as well as other topics such as strategy, overcoming common challenges, etc.

Q. What is the call for papers timeline for “Java Embedded @ JavaOne”?

A. The timeline is as follows:

  • CFP Launched – June 18th
  • Deadline for submissions – July 18th
  • Notifications (Accepts/Declines) – week of July 29th
  • Deadline for speakers to accept speaker invitation – August 10th
  • Presentations due for review – August 31st

Q. Where can I find more call for paper details for “Java Embedded @ JavaOne”?

A. Please go to:

Q. How much does it cost to attend “Java Embedded @ JavaOne”?

A. The cost to attend is:

  • $595.00 U.S. — Early Bird (Launch date – July 13, 2012)
  • $795.00 U.S. — Pre-Registration (July 14 – September 28, 2012)
  • $995.00 U.S. — Onsite Registration (September 29 – October 4, 2012)

Q. Can an attendee of the flagship JavaOne event and Oracle OpenWorld attend “Java Embedded @ JavaOne”?

A. Yes.  Attendees of both the flagship JavaOne event and Oracle OpenWorld can attend “Java Embedded @ JavaOne” by purchasing a $100.00 U.S. upgrade to their full conference pass.

10-billion.pngIt bears repeating: More than ever, the Java platform is the best technology for many embedded use cases. Java’s platform independence, high level of functionality, security, and developer productivity address the key pain points in building embedded solutions.

Transitioning from 16 to 32 bit or even 64 bit? Need to support multiple architectures and operating systems with a single code base? Want to scale on multi-core systems? Require a proven security model? Dynamically deploy and manage software on your devices? Cut time to market by leveraging code, expertise, and tools from a large developer ecosystem? Looking for back-end services, integration, and management?

The Java platform has got you covered. Java already powers around 10 billion devices worldwide, with traditional desktops and servers being only a small portion of that. And the ‘Internet of Things‘ is just really starting to explode … it is estimated that within five years, intelligent and connected embedded devices will outnumber desktops and mobile phones combined, and will generate the majority of the traffic on the Internet. Is your platform and services strategy ready for the coming disruptions and opportunities?

It should come as no surprise that Oracle is keenly focused on Java for Embedded. At JavaOne 2012 San Francisco the dedicated track for Java ME, Java Card, and Embedded keeps growing, with 52 sessions, tutorials, Hands-on-Labs, and BOFs scheduled for this track alone, plus keynotes, demos, booths, and a variety of other embedded content.

To further prove Oracle’s commitment, in 2012 for the first time there will be a dedicated sub-conference focused on the business aspects of embedded Java: Java Embedded @ JavaOne. This conference will run for two days in parallel to JavaOne in San Francisco, will have its own business-oriented track and content, and targets C-level executives, architects, business leaders, and decision makers.

Registration and Call For Papers for Java Embedded @ JavaOne are now live. We expect a lot of interest in this new event and space is limited, so be sure to submit your paper and register soon.

Hope to see you there!


— Terrence

Update: For more information, see the Java Embedded @ JavaOne Q & A


The Call for Papers for JavaOne 2012 in San Francisco has been open for three weeks now. Last year’s conference was a resounding success and a turning point for the Java ecosystem. Now that Java is picking up steam again, this year should be better yet.

If you have been procrastinating and not submitted your paper yet, you have a few more hours to do so. The Call for Papers closes TODAY (Monday, April 9) at 11:59 pm PDT.

All the infos are here. As one of the track leads for the Embedded Java Track I am looking forward to your informative, cool, or downright wacky submissions in the vast space that is Java in embedded.

Submit NOW.


— Terrence


Due to the large number of requests from the Java community, the JavaOne 2011 Call for Papers will remain open until Thursday, May 26 11:59pm PDT. Click here to submit.


— Terrence


Just a quick reminder.

The Call For Papers for JavaOne 2011 in San Francisco closes Monday, May 23rd

Because of the tight review deadlines this a hard close. Be sure to submit your papers NOW.


— Terrence


JavaOne 2011 in San Francisco was announced yesterday and will happen October 2-6.

For all the info, including the Call for Papers (CfP) see the Java Source blog or the JavaOne Conference home page.


— Terrence

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