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Newsflash 757208

About 18 months ago we embarked on an ambitious journey to deliver a major update of the Java ME platform standard by filing JSR 360 (CLDC 8) and JSR 361 (MEEP 8) in the JCP (“JSR 360 and JSR 361: A Big Leap for Java ME 8”).

Both JSR 360 and JSR 361 were unanimously approved this week, with 25 YES votes each. Java ME 8 is now a reality, bringing the power of Java 8 to small embedded. Stay tuned for more announcements soon. 

In the meantime, for be sure to check out my webcast “Introduction to Java ME 8” or the ”Java ME 8 Deep Dive” presentation.


— Terrence

Newsflash 757208

As announced previously, Oracle is pushing Java ME forward in a big way:

Late last year, JSR 360 (CLDC 8) and JSR 361 (MEEP 8) were filed with the JCP (see: “A Big Leap For Java ME 8”). These two JSRs have been moving very quickly in the Expert Groups and I am happy to announce they are now in the Public Review stage (see the EG pages for JSR 360 and JSR 361).

Once approved, we will see start seeing updated Java ME-based products leveraging the new capabilities and features defined by CLDC 8 and MEEP 8, such as Java SE language/API alignment and a flexible, services-based embedded application platform. This will enable a new era for embedded Java scaling from very small microcontroller-based devices to more powerful, desktop-class embedded systems.

And not to forget, we also recently posted a proposal for updated Device Access API, which adds additional key capabilities in the embedded space for Java ME 8 platforms in terms of I/O and peripheral access.


— Terrence

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