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jt-harness.png JTHarness is one of those projects that may not be very well known to the general developer population, but which are nevertheless critical to many software projects.

JTHarness is a general-purpose, fully-features, flexible, and configurable test harness well suited for many types of unit testing. The JTHarness team has been continually maintaining and improving the code for several years now and the 4.4.1 Milestone Release 1 (MR1) went live on December 21.

Release 4.4.1 is a maintenance release which fixes bugs and includes the following notable changes:

  • Makes the “Report Converter” tool easier to use
  • Improves the speed of loading the ResultCache file
  • Shortens harness start-up time
  • Allows known test execution ordering
  • Adds new “Save view filter” settings
  • Improves COF functionality

JTHarness 4.4.1 is compatible with JTHarness 4.4. See the release notes for further details.


— Terrence


The SigTest open source project is a collection of tools based on Oracle’s commercial SigTest tools product. The SigTest tools can be used to compare APIs and to measure the test coverage of an API.

The tools were originally created to assist in the creation of Java technology compatibility test suites (TCKs), but are also useful in the creation of other types of test suites and in the software development process.

With SigTest 2.2, we are expanding the SigTest project to include other tools based on the same signature testing technology as the SigTest to itself. SigTest now includes API Check tool functionality, a static analysis tool used to analyze APIs. SigTest 2.2 also adds Maven wrappers, as well as support for upcoming JDK 8 features. SigTest also includes numerous bug fixes.

The SigTest project continues to develop a community that will improve it, further its development, and use it to develop test suites. We encourage you to browse, download, contribute, and get involved.


— Terrence

Still coming up to speed after the break, so just a quick update:


— Terrence

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