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We have two webinars with partners coming the next couple of weeks, be sure to reserve your free spot:

IIoT Endpoint Security – The Model in Practice (Feb 22, 8 am PT)

This is a webinar in the IIC (Industrial Internet Consortium) webinar series. 

Debunking the Top 5 Urban Myths of IoT: Getting IoT-Ready

This is a webinar together with our partner mnubo (Feb 14, 9 am PT)

Hope to see you there.


— Terrence


A key challenge in getting IoT projects off the ground is evaluating technologies, architectures, and concepts – you need to be able to easily build a proof-of-concept and evaluate a platform and design in terms of security, hardware capabilities, integrations, and other key requirements you have … often with limited engineering budget and on a short time frame.

Typically, these evaluations take weeks or even months and involve significant custom hardware and software design just to even get to a prototype. And once you’ve validated the prototype you often have to throw that away and start over to develop a production-grade design. This approach incurs a lot of cost, risk, and delay in getting to market with a robust and complete IoT solution.

The Electric Imp platform is designed from the start to be pre-integrated, secure, production-ready, and easily adaptable – allowing you to go from evaluation to production with minimal engineering effort, short time, and high confidence

To accelerate this process even further, Electric Imp is today announcing the QuickStart Family of impAccelerator Solution Kits, which are off-the-shelf hardware platforms that you can use to kick-start your prototyping and evaluation. impAccelerator Solution Kits allow you to plug-and-play different hardware and software components and assemble and evaluate production-grade end-to-end IoT solutions in record time.

Find out more about the technical details, pricing, and availability in the official announcement:

QuickStart Family helps Fast Track Industrial-Strength IoT


— Terrence

Ces 2017 logo

Electric Imp is gearing up for our largest presence at CES to date. Visit us at our booth and learn about real-world industrial-strength IoT from our customers and partners. More in this blog post.


— Terrence

Business transformationPosting this a bit late, but noteworthy nevertheless:

At IOTS World Congress in Barcelona two weeks ago, Electric Imp and Pitney Bowes won an award for “Best Business Transformation Solution”.

Powered by the Electric Imp IoT connectivity platform, Pitney Bowes retrofitted their traditional postage meters into connected service platforms with real-time metering, interactive customer services, rapid postage refills and automatic fulfillment, in-field software updates and remote diagnosis, and other future Connected Commerce services.

Read the details here.


— Terrence

ArrowJust in case you missed it: Recently, Arrow Electronics and Electric Imp announced a partnership and distribution agreement for the Electric Imp IoT platform in EMEA. For more information, see the official announcement.


— Terrence

Screen Shot 2016 09 14 at 17 47 33

Electric Imp just announced the latest version of our device-side software, impOS(TM) release 34.

impOS is a highly secure, advanced, and efficient software platform for IoT devices that features a sophisticated customer edge application platform, out-of-the-box deployment readiness, and seamless integration into the Electric Imp cloud and security-as-a-service offering.

Among the many enhancements, impOS 34 continuous to lead the industry in terms of security with advanced features such as:

  • TLS 1.2 with forward secrecy
  • 4096 bit RSA key and certificates
  • ed25519 challenge-response
  • FIPS 140-2 certified HSM system

Much more information can be found on the official Electric Imp blog.


— Terrence

20160816 230034

With more than 600,000 devices shipped and new devices coming online at an increasing rate (see Pitney Bowes and Liberty Pumps announcements) the number of messages processed by Electric Imp platform is hitting some pretty interesting levels.

We have a message counter board in the office – counting real-time end-to-end customer data messages flowing between the devices in the field and the Electric Imp cloud. This counter is reset every day at midnight PDT.

I took a picture the other evening around 10 pm – see above: on track to easily pass 500 million messages for the day15 billion messages a month.

So if you need massive scalability for your IoT solution, we’re happy to help 😉


— Terrence

Liberty Pumps

Liberty Pumps has started shipping their next-generation intelligent ’NightEye’ pump, delivering a fully connected and application-enabled product in under 12 months with Electric Imp.

Read the announcement here.


– Terrence

Screen Shot 2016 07 26 at 11 29 47

Quick wrap-up of the latest news:

Pitney Bowes just announced that they are now rolling out their new SmartLink device to hundreds of thousands of Pitney Bowes postage meters.

SmartLink IoT technology securely connects the meters in the field to the Pitney Bowes Commerce Cloud and the Clarity SaaS solutions suite (hosted on GE Predix), resulting in reduced costs and operational efficiencies, enabling new services for Pitney Bowes’ clients, and driving higher customer satisfaction. 

The Electric Imp platform is at the heart of this transformation as the industrial-strength, flexible, and cost-effective real-time connectivity platform for the delivery of Pitney Bowes’ revolutionary digital solutions.

Much more detail can be found at:

Congratulations to Pitney Bowes on a great product and successful launch!


— Terrence

Ee times

EETimes just published a great interview with the Electric Imp CEO and co-founder Hugo Fiennes, speaking on a wide range of topics including the future of IoT connectivity, how LTE Cat M and NB-1 are game-changers, why commercial and industrial IoT markets are surging, and why Electric Imp is focusing on the hard part of getting IoT connectivity and security right.


— Terrence

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