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O Java Embedded clr

I’ve been collecting links to some interesting blog posts and videos related to embedded Java over the last couple of weeks. Passing  these on here:


— Terrence



It’s Devoxx time again!

If you’re at Devoxx, sure to check the schedule for a whole range of exciting Java and Oracle topics:

JavaFX, OpenJDK, JDK 7, Java Embedded, Java EE, JCP, NetBeans, Greenfoot, as well as Java Duchess and JUG meetings. Talks, labs, BOFs, demos, and more.

Embedded Java will also play a prominent role. Want to see Java on Raspberry Pi in action? Find out why what’s happening with Java in IoT (Internet of Things)? Play with NetBeans and Tinkerforge?

Check out the full Devoxx schedule.

Why do I think Java has the most exciting part of its future still ahead of it? Catch up with me at my talk on Wed 14:00:  “Small, Smart, Connected: Java in the Internet of Things”.


— Terrence


Nighthacking james

My colleague and esteemed JavaFX hacker Stephen Chin is currently on the road on his NightHacking Tour through Europe, geeking with toys and projects, hacking code, and interviewing Java luminaries along the way.

You might know the guy on the left – James Gosling was the first stop of the tour.

What’s more, you can follow live on UStream at each stop along the way. Very cool! To learn all about the NightHacking Tour, check here

Stephen will swing past my place in Freiburg, Germany, on Saturday (Nov 3). We’ll be chatting about all the stuff that’s happening in the embedded space these days and play with the latest small Java – if the demo gods allow 😉

For the latest UStream schedule and past recordings, go here. And follow #nighthacking on Twitter.


— Terrence

Javaone embedded combined

It’s here. Tomorrow (Sunday), JavaOne kicks off. Followed on Wednesday by Java Embedded @ JavaOne.

As I mentioned in my previous post, 2012 sees a big focus on embedded Java topics leading up to the show as well as throughout the conference. Last week was the announcement of two new embedded products: Oracle Java ME Embedded 3.2 and Java Embedded Server 7.0 (a blog post on this coming soon). And this week follows up with a host of keynotes, sessions, tutorials, booths, demos, and other content at JavaOne and Java Embedded @ JavaOne.

Just in time, I’d like to share my (totally subjective) list of this week’s “Embedded Highlights”, sorted by conference and by day. Here it goes:

JavaOne, Sunday

  • KEY10728 – Java Strategy Keynote 
  • KEY10744 – JavaOne Technical Keynote

JavaOne, Monday

  • CON6703 – ARM: Eight Billion Served—“Want That Java Superoptimized?”
  • CON11238 – Java Robots and Automation with MAX
  • CON5943 – Java ME 7 Service Platform
  • TUT10155 – Getting up to Speed on Oracle Java SE Embedded Performance: Tuning Tips and Tricks
  • CON4247 – CLDC7: The Java Platform for Feature Phones and Low-Footprint Embedded Devices
  • TUT6305 – Hands-On M2M
  • BOF6816 – A Java-Powered FIRST Robot

JavaOne, Tuesday

  • CON6335 – Rapid Robot Programming
  • CON5804 – A New Platform for Ubiquitous Computing: Oracle Java ME Embedded
  • CON11300 – Expanding the Reach of the Java ME Platform
  • CON4058 – Java-Enabled Wireless Modules: The Central Hub for Next-Generation M2M Applications
  • CON7110 – Developing Java Mobile and Embedded Applications with Java ME SDK 3.2
  • CON4570 – Oracle Java Wireless Client: Optimized Java ME 7 Runtime
  • CON12988 – OSGI Resource and Remote Lifecycle Management for M2M and the Device Cloud
  • CON6094 – JavaFX on Smart Embedded Devices
  • BOF4227 – Building Smart Java Applications with Neural Networks, Using the Neuroph Framework
  • BOF7304 – Using Your Old Java ME Device to Build Cool New Hacking Projects
  • BOF4298 – Small Embedded Java Platform for Robots
  • CON5352 – Building JavaFX Interfaces with the Real World

JavaOne, Wednesday

  • CON7212 – Java for Embedded Systems: Multicore and More
  • CON11385 – What Users Really Want from M2M Solutions: Findings of a Worldwide M2M User Survey
  • CON5348 – Do You Like Coffee with Your Dessert? Java and the Raspberry Pi
  • CON3984 – A Profile for an Embedded World with Increasing Demands
  • CON3400 – Kinect Open Source Programming Secrets: Hacking with OpenNI, NITE, and Java
  • CON6590 – Easy Middleware for Your Embedded Device

JavaOne, Thursday

  • CON8081 – A World of Possibilities with Java ME + Bluetooth + Arduino 
  • CON4666 – How to Connect Java Embedded to Cloud Computing 
  • CON11225 – Closing the IT Loop: Best Practices with Java Embedded in the Real World 
  • CON11335 – Developing Embedded and Cloud Java Apps for Routers, Gateways, and Storage Devices

Java Embedded @ JavaOne, Wednesday

  • KEY11523 – Java Embedded: Market Strategy with Judson Althoff
  • CON11210 – Modernizing the Explosion of Advanced Microcontrollers with Embedded Java
  • CON11211 – Standardized Embedded mHealth: The Power of Java and the Continua Ecosystem
  • CON11156 – Benefits of Java M2M Modules to the Ecosystem
  • CON13583 – Internet of Everything: From Connected Objects to a Smart Connected World
  • CON11235 – Bring Your Device to the Cloud: Why Mobile Networks Are Different
  • CON11236 – The Coming M2M Revolution: Critical Issues for End-to-End Software and Systems

Java Embedded @ JavaOne, Thursday

  • KEY11525 – Java Embedded: Product Strategy with Hasan Rizvi 
  • CON11386 – Emerging Technologies in Manufacturing and Industrial Automation 
  • CON11388 – M2M: Tackling the Next Data Deluge 
  • CON11207 – Java and M2M Services for Business Transformation 
  • CON11208 – Gaining Market Advantage via Simplification and Differentiation with Java

Enough content? I thought so 😉 And, not to forget, be sure to check out the DemoGrounds at JavaOne – lots of cool demos, geek toys, and more. And hang out at the OTN Lounge while you’re there.

Hope you have a great show. See you around!


— Terrence

Javaone embedded combined

JavaOne is only 6 days away… Are you ready?

Man, what a crazy couple of weeks it has been. Haven’t blogged for ages. Insanely busy with preparations for JavaOne, Java Embedded @ JavaOne, and some new products we’re working on (on the latter, stay tuned …).

There is so much activity, information, and data around JavaOne to choose from – it’s hard to stay on top of it all. I’ll try to keep it short and provide the highlights as well as my embedded point of view. Ok, here it goes:

First, in case you may not know, there are actually two (!) Java conferences this year: JavaOne itself, and Java Embedded @ JavaOne.

  • JavaOne happens from Sep 30 through Oct 4 (yes, that means keynotes are on Sunday!  Don’t miss them)
  • Java Embedded @ JavaOne happens Oct 3 and 4 – in parallel to JavaOne

Java Embedded @ JavaOne
Why a dedicated conference for Java in embedded? Basically, we believe Java is the perfect platform for embedded solutions, and if you go by any one of the current predictions then smart, small, and connected systems will explode over the next 5 to 10 years. A huge opportunity for the Java ecosystem. 

Judson join us at javaone

For a quick intro, check out the video “Join us at Java Embedded @ JavaOne” with Judson Althoff, SVP, Worldwide Alliances and Channels. 

Henrik Stahl, Senior Director of Product Management, does a great job of introducing Java Embedded @ JavaOne. 

Finally, if you have more questions, check out my FAQ on the Java Embedded @ JavaOne conference.


As every year, JavaOne will be packed with keynotes, technical sessions, BOFs, Hands-On-Labs (HOLs), demo grounds, and events.

New for this year are tutorials, which are a mix between an extended technical session, a BOF, and a HOL. It gives the presenters extra time to show you the ropes on a particular topic and extra time for the attendees to ask questions. But it is less of a ‘lab’ setting compared to a HOL. Should be a good addition to the JavaOne structure.

Also new this year is the Oracle OpenWorld Music Festival, which happens throughout the conference (Sun-Thu) in a couple of venues around the main event area. There is music every day and a great line-up of performers such as Macy Gray, Jimmy Cliff, The English Beat, Joss Stone, and many more. Definitely worth checking out. Of course, there is the traditional assortment of parties and events – just check the JavaOne home page!

In terms of embedded, there will be a HUGE focus on that topic at this year’s JavaOne. Oracle is making a big push for Java in the embedded space, not just by launching the Java Embedded @ JavaOne conference (see above), but embedded is embedded (pun intended!) all throughout JavaOne itself:

  • Dozens of dedicated embedded technical sessions, BOFs, tutorials, and Hands-on-Labs – ranging from tiny embedded devices through complex end-to-end embedded solutions and touching on a range of different use cases and markets
  • Java in embedded spreads throughout the pavilion and demo boths
  • Embedded technology featuring in JavaOne keynotes (very cool – see for yourself!)
  • Involvement of partners specializing in embedded solutions built on Java

JavaOne embedded speaking

Last, but not least, I will be doing 2 technical sessions at JavaOne, one business session at Java Embedded @ JavaOne and managing one of the embedded Java demo booths with some cool new technology … and probably be involved in a dozen other things as well! If you are at JavaOne this year, you will be hard-pressed to avoid me 😉
Registration for Both Events
There is still time to benefit from the pre-event registration prices. Check out the registration pages (JavaOne,  Java Embedded @ JavaOne).
Special price breaks are available for students (FREE! see here), as well as for attendees of JavaOne (only $100 extra to add a full pass for the Java Embedded @ JavaOne conference).
And More …
Finally, don’t just take my word on JavaOne and Java Embedded @ JavaOne:

OTN Java



I just got hold of the list of the OTN “Top 10” articles on Java over the last four months … I though I’d pass it on.

BTW: More reading (most popular articles for 2011) can be found here.


— Terrence


1. “Interfaces on Demand with CDI and EJB 3.1”, by Adam Bien

2. “Laying Out a User Interface with JavaFX 2.0”, by James L. Weaver

3. “Building Applications in JavaFX 2.0”, by Daniel Zwolenski

4. “Key to the Java EE 6 Platform: NetBeans IDE 7.1”, by Geertjan Wielenga

5. “Adding Some Agility to Java EE Application Deployment with GlassFish”, by Julien Ponge

6. “Spring to Java EE Migration, Part 3”, by David Heffelfinger

7. “Spring to Java EE Migration, Part 2”, by David Heffelfinger

8. “Java Champion Jonas Bonér Explains the Akka Platform”, by Janice J. Heiss

9. “An Interview with Java Champion Jorge Vargas”, by Janice J. Heiss

10. “Java Champion Dick Wall on Genetics, the Java Posse, and Alternative Languages (Part One)”, by Janice J. Heiss


I will be speaking at the goto: conference, in Prague in the Czech Republic, on Nov 22 and 23 – doing two talks:

  • The keynote “The Future of Java”
  • A session on “Embedded Java: Smart, Connected, Pervasive”

I hope to see you in Prague. If you haven’t registered yet, you can use the promotion code “oracle” and get a €100 price break.


— Terrence


Some quick updates and links that have accumulated over the past days:


— Terrence


These two posts hit the airwaves just recently, wanted to make sure you are aware of them:


— Terrence


Yes, I know, I’m a bit late (I was on vacation for a week) – OSCON is already over. I didn’t attend myself but I heard there was a lot of good content at OSCON Java – some of which is already published on YouTube.

Here are just a few of the ones I found interesting (and I’m sure there’s more):



— Terrence

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