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Newsflash 757208

About 18 months ago we embarked on an ambitious journey to deliver a major update of the Java ME platform standard by filing JSR 360 (CLDC 8) and JSR 361 (MEEP 8) in the JCP (“JSR 360 and JSR 361: A Big Leap for Java ME 8”).

Both JSR 360 and JSR 361 were unanimously approved this week, with 25 YES votes each. Java ME 8 is now a reality, bringing the power of Java 8 to small embedded. Stay tuned for more announcements soon. 

In the meantime, for be sure to check out my webcast “Introduction to Java ME 8” or the ”Java ME 8 Deep Dive” presentation.


— Terrence

Newsflash 757208

As announced previously, Oracle is pushing Java ME forward in a big way:

Late last year, JSR 360 (CLDC 8) and JSR 361 (MEEP 8) were filed with the JCP (see: “A Big Leap For Java ME 8”). These two JSRs have been moving very quickly in the Expert Groups and I am happy to announce they are now in the Public Review stage (see the EG pages for JSR 360 and JSR 361).

Once approved, we will see start seeing updated Java ME-based products leveraging the new capabilities and features defined by CLDC 8 and MEEP 8, such as Java SE language/API alignment and a flexible, services-based embedded application platform. This will enable a new era for embedded Java scaling from very small microcontroller-based devices to more powerful, desktop-class embedded systems.

And not to forget, we also recently posted a proposal for updated Device Access API, which adds additional key capabilities in the embedded space for Java ME 8 platforms in terms of I/O and peripheral access.


— Terrence

ME 8 platform

It might have gone unnoticed to some, but Java ME took a big leap forward a couple of weeks ago with the filing of two new JSRs:

Together, these two JSRs will significantly update, enhance, and modernize the Java ME platform, and specifically small embedded Java, with a host of new features and functionality.

JSR 360 – Connected Limited Device Configuration 8

CLDC 8 is based on JSR 139 (CLDC 1.1) and updates the core Java ME VM, language support, libraries, and features to be aligned with Java SE 8. This will include:

  • VM updated to comply with the JVM language specification version 2
  • Support for SE 7/8 language features like Generics, Assertions, Annotations, Try-with-Resources, and more
  • New libraries such as Collections, NIO subset, Logging API subset
  • A consolidated and enhanced Generic Connection Framework for multi-protocol I/O

With CLDC 8, Java ME and Java SE are entering their next phase of alignment – making Java the only technology today that truly scales application development, code re-use, and tooling across the whole range of IT platforms, from small embedded to large enterprise.

JSR 361 – Java ME Embedded Profile

ME EP is based on JSR 228 (IMP-NG) and updates the specification in key areas to provide a powerful and flexible application environment for small embedded Java platforms, building on the features of CLDC 8: 

  • A new, lightweight component and services model
  • Shared libraries
  • Multi-application concurrency, inter-application communication, and event system
  • Application management
  • API optionality, to address low-footprint use cases

With ME EP, application developers will have a modern application environment which allows development and deployment of  modular, robust, sophisticated, and footprint-optimized solutions for a wide range of embedded use cases and devices.


While these JSRs are still under development, it’s clear that there are exciting new times ahead for Java ME – turning into a serious application platform while maintaining the focus on resource-constrained devices to address the expected explosion of small, smart, and connected embedded platforms.

To learn more, click on the above links for JSR 360 and JSR 361. Or review the JavaOne 2012 online presentations on the topic:

Also, for more information on JSR 360, check out Roger Brinkley’s blog “A Look inside JSR 360”.

And stay tuned for more in this space!


— Terrence


Lots of news-worthy stuff happening this week. A quick round-up:

  • Interview with Thomas Kurian, EVP of Product Development at Oracle (including the Java platform): “For Oracle, Every Revolution is an Evolution”.
  • The JRockit JVM license has been updated – JRockit is now free (gratis) for development and internal production use on general purpose computers. See the full text for all details.
  • Oracle introduces new Java Specification Requests to evolve Java Community Process ( JSR 1) towards more transparency and open participation.
  • Nokia’s updates to the Qt strategy are causing a lot of confusion among developers.
  • An interesting piece on Google’s latest cloud strategy push – just as on of its key cloud services goes down for 48 hours.
  • Facebook is committing one PR blunder after another. First, multiple issues with obscure privacy settings, opaque  terms-of-use, and questionable services – and now this.
  • Finally, if you’re interested in the SmartCard/Java Card space, check out the SIMAGINE awards – a total of of €55000 is up for grabs for the coolest SmardCard applications.


— Terrence

As a one-time event due to the current rehosting of The Java Spotlight Blog to, we’re posting the announcement of the time-critical episode 28 here today:

Interview with John Weir, CTO of Operations Technology at Goldman Sachs on Goldman Sachs JCP SE/EE Executive Committee nomination.

Joining us this week on the Java All Star Developer Panel are Dalibor Topic, Java Free and Open Source Software Ambassador, and Alexis Moussine-Pouchkine, Java EE Developer Advocate.

Right-click or Control-click to download this MP3 file. You can also subscribe to the Java Spotlight Podcast Feed to get the latest podcast automatically. If you use iTunes you can open iTunes and subscribe with this link: Java Spotlight Podcast in iTunes.


Show Notes



  • May 10-11 GeeCON, Krakow, Poland
  • May 11th-14th LinuxTag, Berlin, Germany

Feature interview

John is the chief technology officer for Operations Technology. He oversees the design and development of application software for the Operations Division and sets technology strategy with respect to cost, controls, quality and commercial needs.

John joined Goldman Sachs in the London office in 1997 as a software engineer in Clearance and Settlements, focusing on scalability and stability. In 2000, he moved to the newly formed Credit Derivatives team to lead the design and development of the Odyssey Derivatives factory. John represented Goldman Sachs on the FpML Standards Committee for Credit Derivatives and was also on the FpML Architecture Committee. He assumed oversight of the global Fixed Income front office trading platform in 2005 and relocated to the New York office in 2006. John was named technology fellow in 2004 and managing director in 2008.

Prior to joining the firm, John was an independent software consultant working in the financial services sector. He contributed to application development in the areas of Foreign Exchange (FX) Trading, Equity Derivatives, and strategic middle offices for several global firms.

John earned a bachelor of information technology degree (Hons) from De Montford University, Leicester, England, in 1992.

Mail Bag

Under “Java SE 6 End of Life (EOL) Notice” it says that “Java SE 6 will no longer be publicly available after July 2012.” This sounds like middle of next year we won’t be able to download preexisting versions of Java SE 6. That can’t be right?! Java SE 1.4 and 5.0 (long past their EOL dates) are still available for download. Craig Hollister

Show Transcripts

Transcript for this show is available here when available.

JCP_logo_blue.jpg Last week the 2011 JCP Executive Committee (EC) Special Election process started. There are 4 open EC seats to be filled: 3 seats for the SE/EE EC and 1 seat for the ME EC.

The timeline for this special election is as follows:

  • Nominations open: 12 – 25 April
  • Ballot open: 26 April – 9 May
  • Results published: 10 May

See the JCP Program Office blog for further details.


— Terrence

Screen shot 2011-04-11 at 17.10.45.png A little while ago Computerworld published an interview with Adam Messinger, VP of Development for Fusion Middleware at Oracle, that I wanted to make sure you’re aware of.

In the interview, Adam talks about Java ME in the mobile space, upcoming JSRs and enhancements, Java on embedded devices, Java EE 7 coming this summer, and more.


— Terrence

Screen shot 2011-02-18 at 11.12.58.png The TechCast “Java and Oracle, One Year Later” is now available in the OTN archives. Ajay Patel, VP Product Development, talks about a wide range of topics, changes, and plans since the Sun acquisition happened a year ago.

Some key quotes (partially paraphrased):

  • “One key thing we have learned … Java is not just a platform, it is also an ecosystem, and you can’t have an ecosystem without a community.”
  • “The objectives, strategically [for Java at Oracle] have been pretty clear: How do we drive adoption, how do we build a larger, stronger developer community, how do we really make the platform much more competitive.”
  • “It’s about transparency, involvement. IBM, RedHat, Apple have all agreed to working with us to make OpenJDK the best platform for open source development … it is a sign that the community has been waiting to move the Java platform forward.”
  • “It’s not just about Oracle anymore, it’s about Java, the technology, the community, the developer base, and how we work with them to move the innovation forward.”
  • “Java is strategic to Oracle, and the community is strategic for Java to be successful … it is critical to our business.”
  • On JavaFX 2.0: “… is coming to beta soon, with a release planned in second half [of 2011] … will give you a new, high-performance graphics engine, the new API for JavaFX … you will see a very strong, relevant platform for levering rich media platforms.”
  • On the JDK and SE: “… aggressively moving forward, JDK 7 is now code complete … looking good for getting JDK 7 out by summer as we promised. Started work on JDK 8, Jigsaw and Lambda are moving along nicely, on track for JDK 8 release next year … good progress.”
  • On Java EE and Glassfish: “… Very excited to have Glassfish 3.1 released, with clustering and management capabilities … working with the JCP to shortly submit a number of JSRs for Java EE 7 … You’ll see Java EE 7 becoming the platform for cloud-based development.”
  • “You will see Oracle continue to step up to this role of Java steward, making sure that the language, the technology, the platform … is competitive, relevant, and widely adopted.”

Highly recommended viewing.


— Terrence


A quick weekend wrap-up of a couple of news-worthy items this week:

  • As Mark Reinhold reports, JDK 7 has reached feature-complete. This is great news as it means that JDK 7 is coming along pretty much on time and beta-testing can begin as soon as the Developer Preview is released.
  • Bruno Souza, representing the 40,000 members of SouJava, has been nominated by Oracle to the JCP Executive Committee. Read more about it on Henrik Stahl’s blog, or Patrick Curran’s blog.
  • The Java Spotlight episode 14 features Geertjan Wielenga, NetBeans Principle Product Manager at Oracle. Geerjan talks about the latest new and cool features in the NetBeans IDE as well as the benefits of using the NetBeans RCP platform for your own desktop applications.
  • And, last but not least, Facebook has announced a Java ME version of their mobile Facebook application, available immediately and working on more than 2,500 phones from Nokia, Sony Ericsson, LG, and others. For more information, see “The Daily Dose”.

Happy weekend! Cheers,

— Terrence

JCP_logo_blue.jpg Just wanted to make sure you saw this article: “New Beginnings: It’s Time for the Yearly ‘State of the JCP’ Review”, by Patrick Curran, chair of the JCP. Patrick speaks about the state of the membership, elections, active JSRs, expert group participation, and recent JSR changes.


— Terrence

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