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ojwc-use-cases-small.jpgWith over 3 billion devices and counting, Java on mobile devices is enjoying growth and huge adoption in many key markets around the world.

In the meantime, developers are pushing to build richer and more interesting applications, both from a functional as well as a user interface perspective. New use cases in mCommerce, social networking, location-based services, mobile cloud features, and access to functionality on the operator network are catalysts to create and deliver new compelling applications to the largest mobile user base.

To that end, Oracle is revving the mobile Java platform with Oracle Java Wireless Client 3.1 (OJWC). OJWC is an industry-leading Java ME implementation geared towards device manufacturers, operators, and OEMs who want to get to market quickly with a full-featured, high-performance mobile Java runtime.

This latest 3.1 release provides the following new functionality:

  • SIM Extensions—Enable remote content management on mobile handsets through SIM-based services
  • Oracle Mobile Developer APIs—Allow new use cases for Java ME applications on feature phones
  • Improved Content Management APIs—Facilitate content discovery and deployment
  • Network APIs—Leverage data from operator’s network for running smarter Java ME applications on resource-constrained devices
  • Other Enhancements—Aid integration with the device platforms

Oracle Java Wireless Client 3.1 will become available on devices over time as it is rolled out in markets around the world.

For developers, the new features such as the Oracle Mobile Developer APIs and the Network APIs are of particular interest. You will be able to start building applications for OJWC 3.1 with the upcoming next release of the Java ME SDK – stay tuned for this.

Find out all the details about OWJC here.


— Terrence

logo-forumnokia.gif Just a quick note: Nokia is currently doing a number of webinars on Series 40 development, including mobile Java and web apps topics. Check out the complete list here.


— Terrence

DukeRockStar02.pngA fun podcast we did yesterday, live from the keynote stage of JavaOne India in Hyderabad: The Java ME Technical Keynote.

By the way, the keynote slides are available here, if you want to follow along while listening to the podcast.


— Terrence


Two noteworthy items today:

The Oracle ADF Mobile Client was released last week. ADF Mobile extends the Oracle Application Development Framework to mobile developers. ADF Mobile allows developers to rapidly create, using visual development in JDeveloper, applications that can access critical enterprise business data via mobile devices.


While ADF Mobile Browser has been available previously, the new release of ADF Mobile Client allows developers to create and deploy native mobile applications which can access native mobile functionality and allow disconnected access to enterprise data via data synchronization mechanisms.

Screen shot 2011-03-23 at 16.13.40.pngFor more information see the ADF Mobile home page which also contains a number of links to demos, getting started tutorials, the developers guide, downloads, and more. The ADF Mobile Client press release can be found here.

Next, the LWUIT team has been busily blogging about the new cool features of LWUIT, such as the advanced theming, the new Resource Editor, and a commercial application called Musix which demonstrates some of these advanced features in a slick, DRM’d music player.

Keep following the LWUIT blog for all the latest.


— Terrence

J1 banner 2010.gif

I blogged about the high-level agenda items a couple of days ago as well as my own sessions.

But there are lots of interesting sessions and labs that might be easily overlooked so today I’d like to share my recommended list – basically, things that interest me from a core platform/language/mobile/embedded perspective. Guaranteed to be totally subjective ;-). So, here we go:

Sunday: (full schedule listing)

  • 12:30PM -01:30PM: Java User Group Community: Opening Session
  • 02:30PM -04:30PM: GlassFish Community Event

Monday: (full schedule listing)

  • 10:00AM -11:00AM: Groovy and Concurrency
  • 10:00AM -11:00AM: JDK 7 and Java SE 7
  • 10:00AM -11:00AM: Script Bowl 2010: A Scripting Languages Shoot-out
  • 10:00AM -11:00AM: Writing Stunning Cross-Platform Applications Using LWUIT
  • 10:00AM -11:00AM: Crossing the Java Frontier: How to Interact with Physical Worlds, Using Arduino
  • 11:30AM -12:30PM: Developing Applications with Oracle Berkeley DB for Java and Java ME Smartphones
  • 11:30AM -12:30PM: Groovy: To Infinity and Beyond
  • 11:30AM -12:30PM: Multiple Languages, One Virtual Machine
  • 01:00PM -02:00PM: Examining FOSS Java Implementations for ARM Systems
  • 01:00PM -02:00PM: Attractive and Portable Mac OS X Swing Clients for Java
  • 01:00PM -02:00PM: HTML5 and Java: Opening the Door to New Possibilities
  • 02:30PM -03:30PM: The Next Big Java Virtual Machine Language
  • 02:30PM -03:30PM: Funky Java, Objective Scala
  • 04:00PM -05:00PM: Developing Java TV Applications with LWUIT for DTVi-J
  • 07:30PM -08:15PM: Java SE Platform Q&A BOF

Tuesday: (full schedule listing)

  • 08:00AM -09:00AM: Systems Architecture Is Not Network Topology: Connecting the Consumer Device
  • 08:00AM -09:00AM: Augmented Reality on Mobile Phones with Java ME
  • 09:30AM -10:30AM: Bringing Web Widgets to MSA-Empowered Phones
  • 01:00PM -02:00PM: BD-J: Behind the Scenes with Blu-ray
  • 01:00PM -02:00PM: Java SE for Embedded Meets Oracle Berkeley DB at the Edge
  • 06:00PM -06:45PM: Blu-ray APIs for Stereoscopic 3D
  • 06:00PM -06:45PM: Meet the Java Posse
  • 07:00PM -07:45PM: OpenJDK BOF
  • 07:00PM -07:45PM: Java Community Process: What You Like and What You Don’t Like
  • 07:00PM -07:45PM: Java ME Checkpoint: Current Status and Future
  • 08:00PM -08:45PM: LWUIT Cheat Sheet: How to Optimize Your LWUIT-Based Java ME Applications
  • 09:00PM -09:45PM: Java ME for Emerging Markets and the Developing World

Wednesday: (full schedule listing)

  • 11:30AM -12:30PM: Mobile Apps: Where Do We Go from Here?
  • 11:30AM -12:30PM: Developing for Mobile Devices: Oracle Application Development Framework and Java
  • 01:00PM -02:00PM: Polyglot Programming in the Java Virtual Machine (JVM)
  • 01:00PM -02:00PM: Using Capabilities of the Java ME Platform from Web Applications
  • 01:00PM -02:00PM: Techniques, Benefits, and Best Practices for Using Java in Embedded Devices
  • 02:15PM -03:00PM: Apache Harmony: An Open Innovation

Thursday: (full schedule listing)

  • 12:30PM -01:30PM: Spice Up Your Blu-ray Home Video with Java

Hands-on Labs: (search Schedule Builder with session type ‘Hands-on Lab’ for full listing)

  • Wednesday, 10:00AM:  Sun SPOT Sensor Network Application Architecture Lab
  • Thursday, 12:30PM:  Spice Up Your Blu-ray Home Video with Java
  • Thursday, 03:30PM: Where My Friends Are: Java ME Location API in Practice

And if you’re into Rich Internet Applications, check out Stephen Chin’s JavaOne Expert RIA Track.


— Terrence

icon_mobile_day.png Just wanted to send out a quick note for the German-speaking Java developers. W-JAX’09 will happen November 9 through 13 in Munich, Germany. Kay Glahn (Vodafone, MSA-248 spec lead) put together a nice program for Java Mobile Day on the 12th. Check it out!


— Terrence


Check out this nifty little handbook for budding mobile developers called “Don’t Panic – Mobile Developers Guide to the Galaxy“. It provides a high-level overview of mobile platforms and development and lists some of the common pitfalls and solutions. Great for developers who are just getting started in the mobile space. I’m told me the guide is also being made available soon as a wiki to encourage developers to enhance and grow it going forward.


— Terrence


WIPJAM has become a fixture on the conference circuit … if you’ve never been to one of these then this is your chance to experience it. What is WIPJAM@OSiM, you ask? Find out all about it here – and be sure to register! I’m looking forward to it and I hope to see you there!

Also, if you’re planning to attend OSiM World – I just got word I’ll be part of the panel on day 1 at 14:00 titled “Fragmentation is Ruining the Industry”. The sounds like it’s going the be a lively discussion …

And, yes, that’s me on the OSiM World front page – not my best camera shot 😉

See you in 10 days in Amsterdam!


— Terrence

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