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DukeRockStar02.pngIf you haven’t had a look at The Java Spotlight Podcast lately, I recommend you check out some of the recent episodes.

We’ve been busy covering a broad spectrum of topics, from the Java 7 Launch, Glassfish 3.1, JVM Performance and Quality, Java Mobile Platform development, all the way to bringing Java to Nintento DS with phoneME:

  • Episode 38: Adam Messinger, Vice President of Development Fusion Middleware at Oracle, on the JDK 7 release and more
  • Episode 37: Michelle Kovak, Java Brand Manager, on the Java 7 Launch
  • Episode 36: Anil Gaur, Vice President of Java Platform Enterprise Edition, on Glassfish 3.1
  • Episode 35: Vladimir Ivanov, Ivan Krylov, Sergey Kuksenko on JDK 7 VM performance and quality
  • Episode 34: Chuk Munn Lee on using phoneME on Ninendo DS
  • Episode 33: Sreekumar Pillai, CTO of Experion, on Java Mobile Platform development

Don’t forget that each episode also comes with a written transcript as well as show notes with a host of URLs, pointing to more details, events, and other information.


— Terrence

DukeRockStar02.png After a bit of a hiatus from the 92 episodes of the Java Mobility Podcast, Roger Brinkley and I are back at it again! And as part of the broader Java Evangelism team at Oracle we’re upleveling the scope of the podcast to encompass the whole breath of Java, including Java EE, SE, ME, JavaFX, and more.

We’re keeping the popular format of the show – news, a feature segment or interview, and “What’s Cool” but we’re increasing the depth of the news section by adding a revolving cast of Java All-Stars – folks from the evangelist team and others at Oracle who specialize on specific technology areas and can add their unique knowledge and insight.

The first 2 episodes are already live:

Episode 1

An Interview with Mark Reinhold, Chief Java Architect, Java Platform Group on the future of Java SE.

Episode 2

An Interview with Steve Harris, Senior VP of Application Server Development on the Java Enterprise Edition, Glassfish, and integrating Sun into Oracle.

Joining us every week is a changing panel of Java All Stars such as Dalibor Topic (Java free and open source software ambassador), Alexis Moussine-Pouchkine (Java EE Evangelist), and others.

I hope you like the new show. And we have a great line-up of topics and interviews in the pipeline for the next couple of shows already … So, stay tuned!

PS: For automatic updates, you can subscribe to The Java Spotlight Podcast Feed or subscribe to the podcast directly in iTunes.


— Terrence

android_opera.png Check this out: phoneME contributor and Java Mobile & Embedded Community Star Davy Preuveneers has ported the phoneME Advanced MIDP stack to Android. The picture shows Opera Mini running in the Android emulator. Awesome, Davy!


— Terrence

10040370_j1_imspeaking_160x160.gifAs posted before I will be doing at least two sessions this year. Just wanted to alert you so reserve your spot via the JavaOne Schedule Builder as rooms are smaller this year and may fill up quickly:

  • S314178: Beyond Smartphones: Rich Applications and Services for the Mobile Masses (Monday, 11:30 am, Hilton Yosemite B)
  • S314184: Java Mobile & Embedded Community: Meetup and What’s New (Tuesday, 6:00 pm, Hilton Yosemite C)


— Terrence


Just returned from ØREDEV last Friday. Again, a great conference!

Not only was it extremely well organized but I also really liked the size of it (800 attendees – not too big, not too small), the location (an old car factory!), the wide range of topics, insightful speakers, real-world focus, and last, but not least, the friendly atmosphere.

Among the noteworthy topics I got a chance to learn about last week:

  • Accomplishing More by Doing Less, by Marc Lesser: An interesting approach using Zen principles to help you reduce “busyness” and focus on the really important things you’re trying to achieve – accomplishing more in the end.
  • JavaScript – The Good Parts, by Douglas Crockford: A quick overview of JavaScript and best practices in using it.
  • Comparing JRuby and Groovy, by Neal Ford: JRuby and Groovy look similar on the surface but come from different backgrounds – so use the language that’s best for the purpose.
  • The Lean Start-Up, by Eric Ries: Lessons learned by someone who has the scars to prove he’s been there – using agile methods to adapt your start-up in real-time.
  • Traditional Programming Models, by Cameron Purdy: Why traditional programming languages and traditional von-Neumann models lack concepts and semantics to efficiently support scale-out architectures and are not fit for the future.
  • Semantic Web Programming for Java Developers, Taylor Cowan: Accessing and creating semantic information on the web from your Java app.
  • How to Create a Compelling UX?, by Ben Galbraith: Some argue slick UIs are just eye-candy. But Ben makes the convincing argument that compelling applications actually make users more engaged and therefore more productive.
  • Concurrent Programming with Clojure, by Stuart Halloway: Unlike traditional programming languages Clojure has semantic support for easy and massively scalable concurrent programming.
  • Developing an Android-based Mobile Phone, by Erik Hellman: A hands-on report on bringing Android to a real-world device – strategies and pitfalls.
  • Flex and AIR Boot Camp, by Piotr Walczyszyn: Very useful, 3-hour introduction in Flash, Flex, and AIR and developing Adobe RIA applications.
  • Information Overload and Managing the Flow, by Scott Hanselman: Strategies for focusing on the essentials and being efficient with your time.
  • A hilarious and thought-provoking performance by Ze Frank: On Love, fear, and how people interact with the web and the world around them.

And don’t forget the parties, the good food, the conversations, and the excellent coffee (something I was really looking forward to!).

Thanks for having me!


— Terrence


I’m heading up to Malmö, Sweden, next week for the ØREDEV conference.

Those of you who’ve been following my blog this year know how much I enjoyed ØREDEV in 2008 – and so I am delighted to speak there again:

  • “Top Ten Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do With Open Source Java”, Wednesday at 11:20 am

It was fun putting the presentation together – I had a really hard time narrowing it down to only 10 projects out of the large number of interesting things going on around phoneME and OpenJDK.

I’m also looking forward to seeing James Weaver, Erik Hellman, Josh Marinacci, Michael Samarin again – all of which have talks at ØREDEV.

For more information, check out the schedule.

Hope to see you in Malmö!


— Terrence


I’m in the San Francisco Bay Area this week for the Mobile 2.0 Conference (Thu, 10/15 and Fri, 10/16). Mobile 2.0 is a grass-roots conference that brings together experts and thought leaders from around the mobile ecosystem. It focuses on new mobile applications and services, mobile ecosystem issues, and disruptive mobile innovation.

On Mobile 2.0 Business Day (at the Grand Hyatt in San Francisco) I will be participating on the panel titled “Developers, Mobile Ecosystem Development & Third Party Services & Applications”.

On Mobile 2.0 Developer Day (at the Microsoft Silicon Valley Conference Center) Hinkmond Wong and I will be doing two technical talks on building Rich Client Applications with JavaFX, mobile Java, and open source components.

I’m looking forward to an information-packed conference and many networking opportunities with some of the luminaries and players in the ecosystem. Hope to see you there!


— Terrence


WIPJAM has become a fixture on the conference circuit … if you’ve never been to one of these then this is your chance to experience it. What is WIPJAM@OSiM, you ask? Find out all about it here – and be sure to register! I’m looking forward to it and I hope to see you there!

Also, if you’re planning to attend OSiM World – I just got word I’ll be part of the panel on day 1 at 14:00 titled “Fragmentation is Ruining the Industry”. The sounds like it’s going the be a lively discussion …

And, yes, that’s me on the OSiM World front page – not my best camera shot 😉

See you in 10 days in Amsterdam!


— Terrence

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