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Screen shot 2011-06-06 at 10.54.56.png A couple of days ago I blogged about the release of a new embedded Java product called “Oracle Java ME Embedded Client”. The interest has been tremendous, and I plan to follow up with more information and a webinar on this topic.

In the meantime, I would like to point your attention to another embedded Java product: Java SE for Embedded. Unlike the Oracle Java ME Embedded Client, which is a Java ME (CDC)-based runtime, the Java SE for Embedded product is a full-blown Java SE 6 runtime, optimized for embedded use in a number of important ways (footprint, memory, power, platform support, and more).

My colleague, Jim Conners, has created an excellent webcast called “Java SE Embedded Development Made Easy”. It consists of two 15-minute video with slides and demos covering all the basics of embedded Java SE development:

  • Embedded Microprocessor Trends, covering ARM, Intel, and Freescale
  • Getting Started with the SheevaPlug
  • The Java SE Embedded Runtime Environment: Downloading and Installing
  • Running Apache Tomcat on the SheevaPlug
  • Installing and Setting Up NetBeans for Embedded Java Development
  • Running the ScoreBoard Application locally and on the SheevaPlug
  • Live, Remote Debugging of the ScoreBoard Application
  • Monitoring the Remote ScoreBoard Application using JMX and JConsole

Once you’re on Jim’s blog you should also check out his entry “The Unofficial Java SE Embedded SDK”, which talks about using your favorite desktop Java IDE for embedded Java development.


— Terrence

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