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Java 8 is officially launching today! 

Along with todays live launch event there will be lots of new information available such as a set of brand-new screencasts:

Java ME 8 is a key part of the Java 8 launch and will be available soon. Until then, there’s plenty to get started – for example, the Java ME 8 Early Access. Or check out the new Java ME 8 screencasts:

  • Be an Embedded Developer in Minutes using Java ME 8
  • JSR 360 – CLDC 8: Benefits of an Optimized Implementation
  • JSR 360 – CLDC 8: Java Platform for IoT
  • JSR 360 – CLDC 8: Generic Networking APIs
  • Unified Development Experience for Java ME 8 and Java SE 8
  • Accessing H/W Devices using Java ME 8 Device I/O API
  • Java ME 8: Top 10 Features
  • Java ME 8: Tackling the Challenges of Embedded Software Design
  • JSR 361 – MEEP 8: A New Java Profile for the Embedded World
  • Developing Modular, Service-Enabled Applications with Java ME 8

Lots to learn. Exciting times.


— Terrence 


Java SE 8 was released just a few minutes ago, along with Java SE Embedded 8.

Find out all about it on the Java Source Blog (post1, post2).

And be sure to sign up for the Java 8 Launch Event on March 25.


— Terrence 

Java8 launch event

Java 8 is coming soon!

Join us for the Java 8 Launch Event on March 25, 2014, with a live webcast, more than 35 screencasts, panel discussions, and live Q&A.

Find out more and register here. Submit your questions now. Be a part of it as we create the future with Java 8.


— Terrence

Smart solar panel

The NightHacking session with Steven Chin was good fun.

Check out the video on “Java in the Internet of Things” and a live demo of the Smart Solar Tracking System with Java ME Embedded 3.2. Real hardware and demo flakiness included 😉 See here.

While you are at, have a look at some of the other NightHacking sessions and a number of other videos on the YouTube Java Channel.


— Terrence

Embedded Java is getting a lot of attention in the analyst community these days. Check out these new analyst reports and a webcast by IDC as well as Beecham Research.

IdcIDC published a White Paper titled “Ghost in the Machine: Java for Embedded Development”, and an accompanying webcast recording.

Highlights of the White Paper:

  • The embedded systems industry is projected to continue to expand rapidly, reaching $2.1 trillion in 2015
  • The market for intelligent systems, where Java’s rich set of services are most needed, is projected to grow to 78% of all embedded systems in 2015 
  • Java is widely used in embedded systems and is expected to continue to gain traction in areas where devices present an application platform for developers

The free IDC webcast and White Paper can be accessed here.

BeechamBeecham Research published a report titled “Designing an M2M Platform for the Connected World”.

Highlights of the report:

  • The total revenue for M2M Services is projected to double, from almost $15 billion in 2012 to over $30 billion in 2016
  • The primary driver for M2M solutions is now enabling new services
  • Important trends that are developing are: Enterprise integration – more data and using the data more strategically, new markets in the Internet of Things (IoT), processing large amounts of data in real time (complex event processing)
  • Using the same software development environment for all parts of an M2M solution is a major advantage if the software can be optimized for each part of the solution

The free Beecham Research report can be accessed here.


— Terrence

low-latency-youtube.png If you haven’t checked out the Java YouTube channel lately … here is some of the stuff you’re missing:

Much more on the Java Channel.



— Terrence

Henrik-Partnercast.png Just got back from a much-needed short vacation … a bunch of interesting news and information has piled up that I would like to start sharing with you.

First, check out this Oracle Partner Network (OPN) webcast with Henrik Stahl, Senior Director, Product Management and learn about the huge opportunities Oracle sees in the embedded space.

Henrik talks about the vast (and sometimes unseen) deployment of Java across embedded, provides background on the initiatives, technologies, products, and tools Oracle is working on, and explains how developers and partners can get involved and work with Oracle to build platforms, middleware, and solutions to harness the predicted massive growth in embedded.

For more information, see Oracle’s Embeddable Java.


— Terrence

Moving-Java7-forward.jpg Java 7 will be launched this Thursday, July 7, 2011. This release puts Java back on the tracks with a host of new features and improvements, moving Java 7 forward for developers, the industry, and the ecosystem.

To learn about this new release, please join us for the Java 7 Launch Event, held simultaneously in California, Brazil, and the U.K.:

  • Redwood Shores, CA, USA (Thursday, 9:00 am PT)
  • Sao Paulo, Brazil (Thursday, 1:00 pm BRT)
  • London, UK (Thursday, 5:00 pm BST)

or attend one of the many Java 7 events around the world, organized by local Java User Groups (JUGs).  Find your local JUG here. For a list of JUG events see The Java Spotlight Podcast episode #37 (planned for publication tomorrow, July 5th).

If you can’t attend an event in person you can view the webcast by registering:



— Terrence

Screen shot 2011-06-06 at 10.54.56.png A couple of days ago I blogged about the release of a new embedded Java product called “Oracle Java ME Embedded Client”. The interest has been tremendous, and I plan to follow up with more information and a webinar on this topic.

In the meantime, I would like to point your attention to another embedded Java product: Java SE for Embedded. Unlike the Oracle Java ME Embedded Client, which is a Java ME (CDC)-based runtime, the Java SE for Embedded product is a full-blown Java SE 6 runtime, optimized for embedded use in a number of important ways (footprint, memory, power, platform support, and more).

My colleague, Jim Conners, has created an excellent webcast called “Java SE Embedded Development Made Easy”. It consists of two 15-minute video with slides and demos covering all the basics of embedded Java SE development:

  • Embedded Microprocessor Trends, covering ARM, Intel, and Freescale
  • Getting Started with the SheevaPlug
  • The Java SE Embedded Runtime Environment: Downloading and Installing
  • Running Apache Tomcat on the SheevaPlug
  • Installing and Setting Up NetBeans for Embedded Java Development
  • Running the ScoreBoard Application locally and on the SheevaPlug
  • Live, Remote Debugging of the ScoreBoard Application
  • Monitoring the Remote ScoreBoard Application using JMX and JConsole

Once you’re on Jim’s blog you should also check out his entry “The Unofficial Java SE Embedded SDK”, which talks about using your favorite desktop Java IDE for embedded Java development.


— Terrence

Just a quick note in case you hadn’t seen this:

Java Products for the Smart Grid Webcast

Date: Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Time: 10 a.m. PT/1 p.m. ET

Register for the Webcast to learn how Java:

  • Delivers the key features needed to develop embedded solutions
  • Helps devices share information securely and efficiently
  • Makes devides eco-friendly
  • Helps build easy-to-use, consumer friendly interfaces.

This webcast is free with registration. All info here.


— Terrence

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