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Using a proven IoT platform instead of building your own can be critical (“Why ‘buy’ is better than ‘build’”), especially for startups where time-to-market and rapid scale-up are essential to success.

TechCrunch just posted “An insider’s handbook for IoT startups” and recommends using platforms like Electric Imp to save you time and money to connect your product. Well said!


— Terrence

When creating an IoT solution today one of the most important decisions is to ‘build vs. buy’.

This is critical because deciding to ‘build it yourself’ is tempting, but fraught with complexity. Doing IoT right is hard, and experience indicates that in most cases it is much better to leverage an existing and proven IoT platform such as Electric Imp rather than embarking on the risky, time-consuming, and costly effort to build your own. 

My colleague Pete Tarbox assembled the ‘Top 6 reasons Manufacturers should leverage existing platforms for IoT’:

  1. Security, Security, Security
  2. Connectivity is harder than you think
  3. It’s not what you do
  4. The cost of getting it wrong is immense
  5. Developing a Platform won’t differentiate you
  6. You haven’t got the time

An excellent blog post, worth reading.


— Terrence

JavaOne endorsements

On the heels of recap #1 – here is recap #2 from the JavaOne 2015 Java ME keynote:

Java ME Embedded 8 endorsed by leading partners to enable intelligent edge devices:

For more details, see the video replay of the JavaOne Java ME keynote starting at 1hr:7min:50sec.


— Terrence

Intel keynote JavaME

Following up JavaOne with a few postings to recap the week’s Java ME news:

Recap #1 is from Intel’s JavaOne 2015 keynote:

Intel and Oracle announce collaboration to bring Java ME to intelligent edge devices built on Intel architecture.

For the full announcement, see the video replay of the Intel keynote starting at 10 min 30 secs.


— Terrence

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